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There was the announcement of the third season The Walking Dead of Telltale Games

Studio Telltale Games has announced the release of the third season of The Walking Dead. Despite the fact that the ending of the second season are very different, it will continue the story of Clementine.

"When we got to the second season, we already had an idea of ​​how to proceed the ending" - says CEO Telltale Games Kevin Bruner.

He also says the fact that the third season will be used "sudden" approach.

"We have updated everything from role-playing elements and ending with an interactive story. The method of all these different - is really cool and unexpected, and I think quite innovative."

"In the first season did not feature cloud saves, but we have a solution to this problem. We'll talk later about this."

The Walking Dead: Season Three will be released in 2016.

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