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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales: Walkthrough – Solving All Puzzles

 Solving All Puzzles (Quest)

Chapter 1 - "Rushing Waters" Puzzle (Quest)


  • Destroy all drowners.

Used mechanics:

  • Once in the course of the cards are swapped.
  • If a card with an even amount of power gets into the hand-to-hand row, the cards in your row will receive 2 HP. If the card has an odd value of strength, then it will not attack yours.


  1. "Lyria: Arbalets" attack any of the two long-range cards, damage 3 HP.
  2. Apply the “Crushing Trap” on three opponents in the long-range with a force of 3, 4 and 4, respectively. The value will be averaged downward. All cards will have 3 HP.
  3. " Decoy " use the "Lyria: Arbalets." The card is returned to hand.
  4. Put the “Wagenburg” on the table.
  5. We put the “War wagon” in the same row as the “Wagenburg”. Two light infantry detachments leave a conventional wagon. The armor of "Wagenburg" rises depending on the number of cards in the series. In this case - by 3 HP. Use the "Order" from the map "Wagenburg". Apply it to the series. All cards in the row will be dealt damage equal to the value of the armor. In our case - 3 HP. Three drowners defeated, but left alone with 1 HP.
  6. Place the Lyria: Arbalets card on the board and attack the last drowner.



Reward: Search the bodies and you will find a treasure map.

Chapter 1 - “Troubled Repose” Puzzle (Quest)


  • Reduce the power reserve of three Rotfiends to 1 HP unit each.


  1. Almost all cards will need to be placed in the hand-to-hand row. First, install the “War wagon” in this row. Two light infantry units will appear.
  2. Place the "Lyria: Arbalest " in the same row and attack any enemy card.
  3. Put another "Lyria: Arbalest " and attack any of the other two opponents. Now Rotfiends will have 3, 4 and 8 HP, respectively.
  4. "Count Caldwell" is placed in the melee row between the two "Lyria: Arbalest." This will lead to the appearance of two other "Lyria: Arbalest" straight from the deck (Caldwell skill).
  5. Put the third "Lyria: Arbalest " in the melee series and deal damage to the Rotfiend with 8 HP. This enemy will have 1 HP, which is what was needed.
  6. Put the fourth “Lyria: Arbalest” in the long-range row (below) and beat the Rotfiend with 4 hp. He will have 3 HP.
  7. Now there are two cards on hand - “Lyria: Arbalest” and “Scarecrow”. Put the last "Lyria: Arbalest " in the long-range row and beat one of the Rotfiends (no matter what, since both have 3 HP). He will have 1 HP.
  8. Apply the “Scarecrow” to any “Lyria: Arbalest” from the long-range row in order to return it to your hands. Again, put the "Lyria: Arbalest " in the long-range row and attack the last Rotfiend with 3 HP. You will have 1 HP.



Chapter 1 - On the Range Puzzle (Quest)



  • Kill a deranged cow.
  • Do not let any other cows perish.

Used mechanics:

  • A deranged cow will have 16 HP.
  • An ordinary cow has 4 HP each. There are five creatures in total.

“A deranged cow will kill the weakest animal at once.” The skill works every two turns. If there are several animals with minimal power, then a deranged cow will attack a random card, damage 1 HP.

  • If, after the first use, a deranged animal attacks a random card, then without your correct actions, the next time this cow will die.
  • The skill of the leader of Meve moves any card to the top of the deck.


  1. Place the "Regiment Drummer " in the melee series.
  2. Use the leadership ability of Meve and put “Rivian Pikeman” to the top of the deck. "Regimental drummer" will receive a charge for the "Order". Activate it to get the top of the deck - "Rivian Pikeman". Put a Pikeman in hand to hand series. The “deploy” tag will trigger, which will move the remaining Rivian: Pikeman cards to the hand-to-hand row.
  3. Place «Reynard Odo" in the melee range so that the "Regiment Drummer" has a charge. Activate the charge and get "Lyria: Arbalets." We place the card in the melee row and strike the deranged cow. The animal has 8 HP.
  4. Finish the move, then put the second “Lyria: Arbalets” in the top row and kill the mad cow.

Award: Scarecrow Card.

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