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Tips and advice for the game Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Below you can find a few tips and tricks that will facilitate the walkthrough of the game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate from the company Ubisoft, published October 23, 2015.

Advice №1

Production from the enemies. Many of the items that you can make or improve, require certain Kraft materials. On the other hand, upgrades and new things no one to give you free is not going: everywhere need the money. For these reasons, it is important that you searched all the enemies, which will encounter in the game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Kill them or stun, in any case, after these actions will be searched.

Thus, the more loot you collect, the better for you. So you can quickly buy new equipment or upgrade the current arsenal.

Advice №2

Use the roof. Move around London is not easy because there are many opponents who are in different bands. They are scattered throughout the city streets. If you will take on the roofs of buildings and will move to the next checkpoint only on top, it can go unnoticed for enemies.

In addition, there are many points at the top of the review, which you can use to mark opponents. Again, do not forget about the first point: some enemies still better neutralize to later rob.

Advice №3

Use the carriage. Although the movement of the roof will protect you from the meeting with the enemy, it will not speed up your movement in London. In cases when the next marker far away, you can use the carriage. Twins Fry can capture almost any carriage that they see on the streets. But be careful, because some carriages owned policemen or members of enemy gangs.

On the other hand, attacked them, you can once again use the item №1. Also, do not worry about the safety of the carriage driving: you can bump into everything that you see, without serious consequences. Imagine that you are playing in the GTA. Do you will not go walking in another part of town?

Advice №4

Stun enemies at higher levels. Be sure to be a situation where you have to confront opponents of a higher level. When this happens, try to use the stun. On the PlayStation 4 is responsible for this function button X, and on Xbox One - Button A. Stun them in advance, and then fight with other enemies, to run some good combos.

In contrast to the enemies of equal or lower level to you, high-level opponents will ignore your combo attacks with powerful attacks in those moments when you least expect it.

Advice №5

Know your Fry. Despite the fact that both twins Fry assassins, some missions can be completed in any of the characters (except for jobs that require a certain passage of the hero). There are a few playable differences between them .

  • Ivy is considered more traditional killer that can be used for certain missions in those moments when you need to act secretly in stealth mode.
  • Jacob is a brutal killer. It is able to withstand a group of opponents, as he has more power than the Ivy.

If you want to ignore the danger, then choose the Ivy. If you want to fight with each of the opponents, play for Jacob.

Advice №6

Unlock a variety of skills. Every 1,000 experience in Assassin's Creed Syndicate you get one skill point for the character. However, until you use up a certain amount of experience points, character level will not be raised. Usually enough to get 2-3 skills to move to the next level.

The idea is that sitting with 20000 experience and have left 20 skill points is not highly recommended. On the other hand, you should not spend it recklessly. With each new level you get new skills to choose from. That is why it should be kept in reserve a few extra items to choose the most popular for this or that character's skills.

Incidentally, skill points are earned for both twins at the same time: 1000 experience points (and the experience they have the same) you get, in fact, two skill points (one for Ivey and one for Jacob). Any skills you will acquire for Ivey, will not be available to the same Jacob. But the points he saved, and you can choose some other skill. It is a very useful feature.

Advice №7

Whistles as often as possible. All the series Assassin's Creed, you might have to whistle for a long time. But as it seems, it is in Syndicate this function is the most appropriate and useful than ever. There are many situations when the whistle will be almost the most powerful tool to overcome the deadlock cases. Of course, if you chose stealth walkthrough episode.

The game system is fairly rare reminds you that you can use the whistle. So you have to do to remember this feature and use it when you need it. For example, using a whistle you can distract or even attract the attention of the enemy, or the enemy group split apart. Lure bandit around the corner, where you can easily deal with them without attracting the attention of his friends.

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