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Advice on walkthrough game Warface

In this guide we will look at the "IMAGE-pyramid" of game Warface. This map is the youngest of all of them in the PvP-mode "Blasting". There are two strategically important objects for the explosion, and one point of joint action with the base of the defenders and attackers.


Mark the main points of importance and the time for which the fighter can reach them. As a "standard" we will use sports shoes, because only they give the maximum indicator in the Warface tournaments (10% higher than the tournament boots only).


Point 1

Sniping skirmishes on the "Length" will never go out of fashion.

Time from the Blackwood base to the "sniper" position of the first strategic base will be about seven seconds. We arrived at the point ahead of the opponent. The minus of this point is that the fighter is open from head to foot, and his opponent is hiding behind a box.

The fighter of the opposite side will reach to these shelters a few seconds later.

Point 2

A gamer in sports shoes will need about thirteen seconds to get from the Blackwood base to the point "2" of the improvised map, from where the fighter can see the arch. Be careful: the enemy in similar equipment will run to the arch a few seconds earlier - in about eleven seconds. If this is a fighter of the "Sniper" class, then he will wait you in the scop (as in our case).

Point 3

The player need to spend eleven seconds to get to the entrance to the center of the first strategic object from the base Blackwood to point "3" on an improvised map. The enemy will take this position a few seconds earlier (in about nine seconds) and will expect you.

Point 4

Snipers use this position. The fighter of the attacking team will reach to this point much earlier than the opponent, which will give him a slight advantage over enemy (in about seven seconds). While the defenders will take an opposite position in ten seconds.


Point 5

This position is several meters further than the previous one (from the Blackwood side). Attackers need to spend almost two seconds more to occupy it (nine seconds). Defenders will arrive at the point for a similar time.

Point 6

This position is one of the fundamental if the team is going to occupy the second strategically important object of the defenders. It needs eleven seconds to overcome the distance from the base attacking to the shelter (box on the hill). Be careful - this time is enough that the enemy fighters to get to the opposite shelter to. If you do not go in time - the enemy will begin to fire from the shelter, so you move up along the wall.

Point 7

You need to perform a joint action with your teammate to get to this position:

You need to spend about thirteen seconds to get to the shelter from the base of the attackers through a joint action (two fingers). If you go alone, then you need eleven seconds.

The fighters of the defending team will reach the opposite center point through a joint action in twelve seconds. If the teammates throw you "one finger", then it will be possible to occupy the point in just nine seconds.


There should be at least one physician in both teams: it can be used as a killer force at short distances, to treat the wounded and resuscitate the dead fighters of the group.

Fighter of the class an "Engineer" is also required for the installation and demining of explosives. It is possible to use several fighters of this class.

Stormtrooper is an indispensable unit for firepower at any distance.

There are also sniper positions on the map, so the fighter of the class "Sniper" will not be superfluous. It all depends on the team's strategy.

Absolutely all canopies on the map are shot through any firearms. You can also shoot an iron border on the hill of the second strategically important object of the enemy.

On the defensive you should take immediately the first or second strategic object for the defense of the whole team, only a few people go to the opposite object for verify. Do not rush; wait for the mistakes of the enemy. If the enemy moved to another object - do not heroic, try to take it gradually.

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