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Tips for walkthrough Detroit: Become Human

You need to be aware of a few tips before starting a game

In view of this complex structure of the game, we have prepared several tips.

Explore locations

Almost every scene in the game offers players to explore small, but very detailed locations. Study them to open access to various actions and replicas in dialogues. So, you can unlock new branches of development of history. Fortunately, all interaction points in the locations are displayed on the analysis screen (R2 button.

Carefully communicate with the characters

In Detroit: Become Human, there is a system of relationships between heroes, borrowed from Until Dawn. Each of the main characters in the environment has several permanent companions, which at some point can play a key role in the story. And their further actions will depend on how they treat you. Therefore, you try to pick the right words, even if the characters chat on trifles.

Go through the game at least once, without replaying the scenes

This advice is provided by the developers themselves, when the player enters the section "Chapters" in the main menu. In Detroit: Become Human there is no concept of losing. There are different histories of end.

Repeated passage

In the section "Chapters", players can open a block diagram of each scene, where you can not only see all its forks, but also choose the moment where you want to make a different choice, overwriting the whole story in this way. As a result, to see the various options for the development of the plot, you do not have to re-play the game every time.

Complete the game in the co-op

You can get a unique gaming experience from Detroit: Become Human, if you pass the game with your friends. If the company of the buddies is going to be quite diverse and each will start act out different roles, the plot will ultimately take an extremely unusual turn.


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