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Tips The Flame in the Flood

In this article, we present a set of useful tips for survival in the game The Flame in the Flood.

Water - is the key to survival in the wild! Use a jar to collect rainwater and water from wells, rivers or puddles. You can use contaminated water, but beware of the consequences! Contaminated water is purified by a filter made of water.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” - said Charles Dickens. Secrets that can be found on location include a note with the tasks that will survive. Perform tasks and find useful items.

Raft-convoy. "Oh Gods, I know little, but I think that the river - Brown goddess, stubborn and indomitable." - said Thomas Eliot. Repair counter shows the status of your raft (blue scale). In order to repair or improve the raft, you should find a berth.

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