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Tips for walkthrough The Red Strings Club

Answers to the questions of the consulting engineer Diana

  1.  Yes.
  2. None.
  3.  Yes.
  4. None.
  5. None.

  1. This question is more complicated. You need to give her a glass with a cocktail "Sympathy" before the quiz and talk about the death of Ariadne.
  2. Bourbon.
  3. I do not think so.
  4. OOO "Supercontinent
  5. Choose what you want.

Answers to the questions of Naim's corporate lawyer

1. No (this is an obvious answer). 2. Find Joanne Seftis. 3. Yes. 4. No. 5. Yes. 6. No. 7. Yes. 8. No. 9. No. 10. Choose what you want.

Answers to the questions of Larissa the marketing director

1. Marketing. 2. No. 3. Yes. 4. She does not give ... 5. Yourself. 6. Lust. 7. Tequila. 8. Yes. 9. Yes, only by the fact that the marketing campaign will be destroyed. 10. Choose what you want.

Important phone numbers

It is undesirable to use the first time.

The computer is 777-777-777. SRAID - 000-000-056. The security code of Dr. Edgar Coldstream is 256-326-435. The launch of the Edgar self-destruction mode is 987-654-321. The Mysterious Chaos Network is 555-292-257.

Information on alcohol

Bourbon is brown, above. Vodka is white, below. Absinthe - green, left. Tequila is yellow, on the right. The red secret is red, clockwise. The blue whisper is blue, counterclockwise. Pink perfume is a mixture of red and blue.

Ex Machina

You will need to establish contact with Edgar Coldstream through three girls - Naimu, Brandeis and Larissa. Make Diana mention the name of Edgar Coldstream, so that in conversation with Naima there is a version about this man. Select this option and tell the girl that you would like to meet with him.

Talk to Larissa and give her a glass of lust, then select the option associated with any marketing idea for Akara. Brandes can look directly at MNA.

Pink Tequila

Communicate with Diana and mention the name of Edgar Coldstream. Talk to Naima and give her a glass of stress. Ask a question about Edgar and ask her to tell something more personal. She will talk about the pink tequila. When Edgar appears, you will see a secret mood. Tequila is not - mix three colors - red, blue and green.

Information broker

Give Edgar a glass of vanity and ask about what he thinks about the new direction of the Supercontinent. Ask a question about a surreal conversation.

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