Trine 4: Walkthrough

Trine 4 Walkthrough

Read the walkthrough Platformer Trine 4. The game tells the story of the Trinity of heroes, Amadeus, Zora and Pontius, who are to find the missing prince.

Walkthrough Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Action I

Winter morning

Move to the right. Move snowdrifts to break branches and other objects. Collect experience points. Rotate parts of the bridge to go up. They will stand as you set them. The main thing is to get into sticky snow. When you are asked to create a box, do it. Break branches to release a drop. There will be two more drops above. Make a box and jump up on it.

Place the box on the button in the niche on the right. Stand on a descending platform; create another box so that the one on the button disappears. The elevator will go up. Place the box on the left side of the rail to jump onto the pipe on the right. Use this technique again. After the goat overturns the tree, go to the other side and create a cube in a pile of snow. Jump on the branch on the left to find experience points.

Soon you will reach the mailbox, and the episode will be completed.

Cursed Mansion

Now you have to control the knight Pontius. Use pumpkins to ride them. Then use your sword to smash various branches and boards. After that, you learn the technique. Jump and hold S. Then you will need to use your shield to reflect projectiles and rays of light.

And at the end of the level, a battle with the revived knight awaits you. You need to use the light to defeat him. Reflect the ray of light at the knight and attack him. Then destroy the boards blocking the path of the light, reflecting the shield with the green shells that the boss throws. Finally, use the same shield to destroy the branches on the right. Stand against the wall and hit the ground so that the object bounces upward, breaking boards and revealing rays of light.

To be continued…


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