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Update for Titanfall 2

Studio Respawn Entertainment told about the upcoming update for Titanfall 2. The update will add to the game two new multiplayer maps, another execution. Also you can carry three guns. The first map is War Games. It is a simulation designed to train pilots. In the new arena there is a place for small shops, and for tall buildings, which players can climb. The card will be available in all modes. The second location is Traffic, available in the "Shootout" mode. According to the developers, there are enough positions on the arena for snipers, so it is necessary to move around the territory very carefully.

But the main innovation that will come with the update is the ability to carry three guns at once. From now on, all pilots will be able to take the main weapon, additional gun and gun to destroy enemy titanium.
A free update will be available on June 27th.

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