VICCP: Walkthrough

VICCP: Walkthrough

Read the walkthrough the a puzzle game in which the main character controls a strange console.

How to get all the endings and achievements VICCP

Start the game and find the reference manual on the right side of the console. Open and study it. The file describes the procedure for changing the administrator password. Click on the red rectangular button on the right. A panel with three circles opens. Rotate the rings to connect the black lines. The answer is in the screenshot below (move each time from the biggest ring to the smaller one):

Game VICCP: Walkthrough
VICCP: Walkthrough

Open the panel on the left by clicking on it. Click the power button to start the monitor and the arrow keys appear.

If you pick up the phone before removing a cup of coffee, an explosion will occur due to the spilled water. This is the First Ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Oops.

Press the red rectangular button so many times that the black toggle switch to the right of it is turned exactly to the right side. In this case, additional equipment will appear to the right of the panel. Turn on the computer, as before, open the drive under the phone and insert the red diskette from the shelf on the right into it. Select the first item on the computer (Files) and the top command in the right column (Download). After downloading, configure the rings in the panel on the right (if you have not done this before, see the screenshot). A few percentages will appear on the computer. Select the Print command.

After that, adjust the toggle switches on the upper right like on a black disk: up, right, down, left. Now adjust the angle of the satellite using the two scales on the upper right: the top one is “–10”, the bottom one is “–17”. Click on Enter in the work pane. These coordinates may be different!

The setup method is simple:

  • Set the coordinates «-1» on the left satellite. Switch the square button on the top right to the right satellite and check all possible coordinates by lowering the scope down.
  • Next, install on the left satellite «-2» and again check all the coordinates on the right. Use by selection.
  • In this case, you should see this picture:
Game VICCP: Walkthrough
VICCP: Walkthrough

Open the directory on the table where the information was printed from a red floppy disk. In the lower left corner will be a signature of 100%. That is where you need to land the satellite. Perhaps in your case the inscription will be in another place. Use the arrows to select the landing position on the screen above.

Control the flight of the satellite with red arrows so that it flies smoothly (the red hemisphere should be at the bottom and the red light should not be lit). Pull the red lever and watch as the astronaut goes to the planet. This is the second ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Good Pilot.

Re-print information from a red disk. Configure rings and toggle switches to go to management of satellite dish. This time, set the top at -14, and at the bottom -17. Perhaps the numbers will be different each time. In any case, the satellite at the top should show the satellite from the previous ending. Coordinates are randomly generated!

Now open the document and find the place in the table, where 1% is indicated. Specify it on the monitor as a landing for the shuttle. Do not click on the red arrows to adjust the flight of the shuttle. It should explode. This is the third ending of the game.

Now adjust the rings on the right so as not to connect the black line, but two parallel strips (tube).

Game VICCP: Walkthrough
VICCP: Walkthrough

In this case, instead of toggle switches, vertical red buttons will appear. Press these buttons until one of them lights up — this is the first. Start with it and choose the following ones in turn, until the second one lights up. Start with these two buttons and look for the third and so on. In total there will be four buttons, and they can be repeated: that is, pressing the first button, after the third one, the first one can be repeated.

If you do everything correctly, then instead of the red buttons a lot of the rest will appear with dots and lines. Above them will be a panel with a red scale and symbols. Enter the same characters using the buttons below (in the sequence from left to right). Red scale — countdown. You need to enter before the scale is empty. Instead of typing the correct characters, press any buttons. An alarm will start. When the red lever appears, pull it. This is the fourth ending.

You will get Achievement Divide into atoms.

At the beginning of the game, just wait until the main character falls asleep. A first-aid kit will fall out. There are two pills, a red one and a blue one. Select the red pill and lower the red lever. This is the fifth ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Do not sleep!

Again, do nothing and wait for the first-aid kit to fall out. Do not drink pills. Instead, drink coffee, open the phone, and disconnect the top cable and the red number 2. Connect the top cable to the red and close the cover of the phone. Select the third item, click on the «Modem» section and enter the code 3556, which was specified in the pill case (perhaps in your case it will be different).

On the monitor, select the first item by pressing the enter key. Next, select Status, then — Result. Lower the red lever. This is the sixth ending of the game.

You will get Achievement The main question.

Open the phone cover, disconnect the No. 3 green cable and connect it to the top one. Select the Security section and see how a security officer is knocking you to show your pass. Open the gate for him. This is the seventh ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Lead death.

Reconnect the third wire to the top under the cover of the phone. Open the Employees section and print the passes of all employees whose files will be uploaded. Open the third section and select Security section. When an employee will call to you, check the numbers on the printed sheets. If the pass number does not match, then do not open the gate. Wait for a new call. When the pass number matches, then look at the photo in your file and the person who called. If they match, let the man in. You will need to run three employees whose files were printed. Next, lower the red lever and see the eighth ending of the game.

You will get Achievement New house.

In the phone, connect the first, yellow wire with the top one. Open the manual on the desk and remember the phone number to change the password. Pick up the phone and enter this number. Please note that the manual indicates the first digit of the new password, and you will be asked to enter three others. Do it, but be sure to remember. On the computer, select the fourth item, run the diagnostics and wait. When they call, pick up the phone and hear the new password. Enter it to run diagnostics. Now on the right screen you need to drag the turrets so that the red lines do not intersect.

Game VICCP: Walkthrough
VICCP: Walkthrough

Lower the red lever and watch the ninth ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Repairman.

Open the phone cover and connect the top cable to the red, second one. Press the red rectangular button several times so that the black toggle switch on the right makes two turns. In this case, not only shelves with diskettes, but also a bottle of vodka will appear on the right. Take the bottle and pour it onto the instruction manual. Click on the shelf to make a glass of cucumber. Inside the glasses will be a strip with black and white squares. Select the Files section on the computer and the top command in the left column (BIN-DEC). You will convert these codes into numbers. Also open the user manual and see another strip that you need to enter on the computer to get the code.

Open the Modem settings and enter the received code on the dial of the phone. Lower the red lever to see the tenth ending of the game.

You will get Achievement Who is flat?

Open the phone cover and connect the top cable with the yellow one, first. Call by phone as indicated in the manual and request a password change. Run the fourth item on the computer and select access (second item). Wait for the call and enter the new password, which will be called to you by phone. Select «Computer». Each time press the red symbol on the right monitor until a large display with a diagram and numbers appears at the top.

Move the red square, change the structure of the scheme on the left and right. The “screws” in the center should light up, indicating that you are doing everything right. Yes and the type of the circuit itself will be clear: all wires and lines must be connected. By the way, this game is analogous to the Fifteen (tag): that is, you swap different blocks. Lower the red lever to get the eleventh ending.

You will get Achievement Go to settings.


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