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VR Kanojo simulator about adult girls will come out in 2017


Age limit 18+

Illusion Soft - well known for their themed games for adults. They have announced a new VR Kanojo. The game has a lot of sweet girls. The game is an erotic character.


In the words of  Anime News Network, Illusion Soft created a website for VR Kanojo in English. The game will be available in January 2017 for Asia and North America.

The Game is with the 18+ age limit. In the game, you can rotate the camera 380 degrees, which allows you consider other interesting things.


Many are shocked by the news, because the Japanese developers have released these games to Asia with English subtitles, avoiding the release of games in America. The creator of the game will release the game in North part of America to avoid problems with SJW. How the creators of the game will be able to work around social networks, where it is prohibited theme of eroticism? We get to know about this in the next year.

Below you can watch the trailer.

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