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Walkthgrough ADR1FT

Walkthrough the game of ADR1FT ON THE SITE WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER RELEASE ON ShowGamer.com - 28 MARCH 2016.

ADR1FT - space adventure game with a first-person. The story tells us of an astronaut who is in danger. He is in weightless among the debris destroyed the space station. He does not remember anything. His suit EVA was damaged. He is the only survivor of an astronaut. He will try to understand all.

The player will try to stay alive. He will explore the wreckage of the ship; will try to repair the station compartments required for emergency evacuation and safe return home.

"Team Three One Zero embodies great passion and creativity of independent game developers - said Ian Howe, President of 505 Games. I wanted to publish ADR1FT from the moment when I first saw him in the DICE; we look forward to working with Three One Zero, to provide absolutely all gamers brave and new gaming experience."

Three One Zero Studio was founded by two people. Adam Orth answers for creativity, and Omar Aziz -for the technological aspects. The developers say that ADR1FT forces gamers to take such decisions in the game that he would have done in real life.

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