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Walkthrough Black the Fall

Sit on the bike, hold E, and then release the key as soon as the door opens on the right. Run into the passage, through the next room, and then stop. When the stove will pass from above, then you hide under it from the camera and go past it. Open the grid on E.

Once outside, climb onto the ledge at the beginning, where there is a valve, and turn it to block the fire in the pipe further. Go forward and open the hatch on E.

When the guard will push one of the workers, and then quickly run to the right. Only this way he will not notice and hear the sound of the falling bucket. On the elevator, go down, and then drive to the right as far as it will go. The left handle is moved the elevator, and the right lever is changed the direction of movement.

Select through the broken glass and jump higher. Follow the red beam and go to the right and take the bike. Release E when the beam goes to the left, and run to the right. Pinch S to sneak under a table with a red bucket, and then jump over to the other side. Here follow the tunnel until you are outside.

Beware of the turret! Hide from it under the ledge in front, crouching on S. When it overheats, run under the ledge on the right and turn the valve. Then go back and stand so under the ledge so that the turret comes under fire from the pipe. When it is destroyed, then run and hit the wall on the right. The wreckage of the turret is repeated everything behind you and crashes into the wooden planks from above. Do this 4-5 times to form a passage. Climb up and go through the hole.

Jump from above under the guard, in one of the places to break the plates and kill the enemy. Take a pointer, hold down the PCM, aim at the worker and click LMB. Go to the right and do all the same with the lever to order the worker to pull for it. Follow the passage and in the next room order the worker to pull the handle in the middle. When the cabin rises, go through it to the other side. Click the laser on the worker, and then on the lever on the right to open the passage.

Enter the elevator and point the laser at the ceiling to go up.

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