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Walkthough The Apartment

The Apartment

You are offered a choice of actions - if you click on the wrong, then everything will start again., let's go through an episode in the apartment of a private detective to understand what is at issue.

The apartment has many facilities with which you can interact. But most of them can simply be dragged - press the LMB and move it with the mouse. Also you can open the doors. But there are four objects for interaction - a TV in the living room, a bottle of beer in the kitchen, a bed and a working board in the bedroom on the left. If you select a TV, drink or bed, you will do the wrong thing and the game will start again. The main character himself indicates that he needs to work.

Click on the work board and inspect the medical notes of both girls. On the board will appear an inscription - to view medical reports. Go to the desk opposite, on which there are laptops and lie papers. There are two open reports on different parts of the table. Study them. Click the mouse over each line, slowly. You will notice how dark contours appear. Click on them to highlight the most interesting facts. Once you select ALL the facts, and then automatically exit the approximation. It is not necessary to go out on your own.

Then medical descriptions will appear in the notes of each girl. It is necessary to highlight something unusual. Select 21-25 for both girls, and then the missing organs. Next, select the personal data of both girls (at the top of each board) and combine the same characteristics - Female, no address, no data. The door leading to the corridor will open.

You can read our walkthrough or watch the video passage.


Nightmare №1

Go along the corridor to the open door at the very end. Go through and see the table with blood, and a knife. Go around the table and look to the right. There will be a passage. Follow it, turn right and look into the room through the door on the left hand. There will be a jumping box on the table. Remove the cover to see the head.

Suddenly everything will burn up. Run along the only path and turn left into the room with furniture. Move the reclining cabinet that blocked the path. Do the same with the other closet in the doorway. Remove the four boards to open the door. Further one way - follow it and approach the far door. Go through the hole to get into the subway, at the crime scene.

Metro (crime scene)

Follow forward and left. Talk with the officer, go straight and talk with detective Alex, located near the corpse of the girl. After that you can study the different parts of the girl's body until there are words-clues. Choose important clues (a clues should appear about this) - woman, young, missing organs. Talk to Alex and then see to the crime scene. Click on the girl's torso. Click on the chain with which her hands are tied. Find the same chain on the wall nearby and interact with it to establish a clue tag. Click on the floor next to the corpse (when you hover, the word USE appears). Words will pop up, and you should indicate what is missing here - blood.

Look at Detective Alex and select the bottom line - she was not killed here. After his words, look to the right - at the end of the corridor there were officers, but now they are not there. Go there, enter the corridor on the right and turn the first valve on the right hand (to block the leak). Go further, turn right and open the first red door on the right.

There will be policemen. After talking with them, inspect the control panel of the metro on the right. A lot of words will pop up, and you need to choose the following three - careful, calm, methodical. In so doing, find at the doorway on the left three high cabinets with three levers. Lower all the levers (perhaps just lower the rightmost one) and pull out the yellow tube next to the subway control panel. Cover the door through which you came here, and behind it on the wall you will see a broken pipe. Here you need to install a yellow pipe. But first you have to turn on the room light - the left lever.

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