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Walkthough The Apartment

Also pick up the camera lying on the floor (similar to the lid) of yellow color. Install it on the wall above the doorway nearby. Listen to the words of the detective, after which a clue about the found evidence will appear.

Go back to the main room with a dead girl. Go back to the officer who let you in here. There is another detective to the right of the pillar. His name is Ortiz. There is a cardboard box to the right of him on the floor. Move it and find the sneaker. Look at it and select one of the items - it belonged to the victim. A yellow glow will appear on the sneaker. Take the yellow sneaker and put it on the bare leg of the victim.

Finally, approach the officer who passed you, and ask the only available question. After that, you can talk to Detective Ortiz nearby. So do it - he will say that you need to find the entrance, where the suspect came from. Go beyond the officer and you will see the door on the right. Examine it and point out that this is the entrance.

Nightmare №2

Open the door and move to the basement. Go forward, turn around and go back to pick up the flashlight (it glows and rolls on the floor). Follow the only way, at the fork, open the metal door on the right, with a green lamp. Approach the light bulbs. Suddenly, the walls with spines begin to narrow. You can click on any red buttons on the wall - they still will not help you and the main character will crush.

Apartment and victim

Once in the apartment, enter the bedroom on the left. Look around and you will see the girl's corpse. Go to him and study. Various hints with parameters should come up. Look at the magazine on the left, on the table. Cross out all names, because this girl is not here. Approach and look again at the hanging corpse. Click on each of the three items, from age to clothes (with a pause for listening to comments).

After that, the ghost of the girl will appear. Listen to it, look at the corpse and select - not local. Again, listen to the ghost, and then select that the girl was a tourist. And for the third time, listen to the ghost lying on the bed. Then you can leave the room. Go along the corridor, go down the stairs and open the door to move to the police station.

Police station

Go forward and enter the far room on the right. It is briefing room. Listen to the commander's words, and then inspect the map. Click on each label to set the time instead. Then you will have to choose something suspicious. There is Portland in the upper left corner. Hover the cursor. You will see two arrows. Click on this place, and then you will be asked to choose why it caused suspicion - click on the phrases Place and Time. After listening to all, go to the door of the room, how the nightmare will begin. Go forward, go to the elevator and leave this place.


Look around in the cave, go to the very end and bump into the web. Go back a bit and find a fire in one of the tunnels. A stick is lying next to it - pick it up and throw it into the fire. When it lights up, pick up the stick and carry it to the web. It will be necessary to bypass the streams of water falling from the ceiling of the cave.

By doing so, burn the web and go into the strange house through the door ahead.

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