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Walkthrogh Human Resource Machine

Some levels of the game will need to go twice to light two bulbs. This idea of developers. Below you'll learn how to pass the Human Resource Machine from the first to the tenth level.

Year 1. Mail Room


So, it all begins, as usual, from the first, the most simple level. Man in the top of the screen - this is your manager. Click on it to talk. At the beginning, its use is not particularly necessary. But later Manager will play a major role. In the right part of the screen shows the purpose of your mission. All the goals are written on small sheets of paper - it notes. You can move items from the incoming (left), outgoing (right).


No need to be a genius to move everything from one place to another and successfully pass the first level of the game. Please note that if you make a mistake, your manager will to scream. This allows you to reconsider your actions.


After the action, click on the play button to view the result. After completing a level, you will see the statistics. You must perform two tasks on two criteria. Moreover, at each level are different requirements.

Year 2. Busy Mailroom


Now you have a new feature: you can jump. You'll use it a lot. Simply move the function "jump" below commands incoming and outgoing and then press the play button. Done!


Year 3. Copy Floor


A new feature called COPYFROM. In the middle of the floor, you can see the tiles. These tiles are sometimes useful to you, and sometimes - harmful. Use a new function to copy the tile on the floor.


The rest of the walkthrough is shown in the screenshots.

Year 4. Scrambler Handler


A new feature in the next year will COPYTO. It is somewhat similar to the previous one, but it works, as it were in the opposite direction. COPYTO allows you to copy the messages from entering the tiles in the center of the room, on the floor.


Year 5. Coffee Time

This level is simple and you can go it own.

Year 6. Rainy Summer


At this level, there is a new function - "Add". This feature allows you to add all that is in your hands. The purpose of this level is quite simple. See the screenshots below.


Year 7. Zero Exterminator


This time, a new feature called JUMPIFZERO. It works the same as a function of JUMP, but only if you keep the unit "0".


Year 8. Tripler Room


In this room will not be anything new, but you'll have to use the already known functions somewhat differently. The purpose of this mission is that you have to pick up the item from your mailbox, triple its value, and then send it to the outbox. Use the triple function Add.


Year 9. Zero Preservation Initiative


Use the scrennshots upper and below to solution nineth level of the game.


Year 10. Octoplier Suite


The final level will be more difficult the last. You must take incoming, they have to multiply by 8 and then sent to the outgoing.


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