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Walkthrough 100 Door Seasons 2

Vacations (cost of opening - 9 gifts)

Level 51

Swipe your finger across the screen from top to bottom, as the game tells you. Click on a key that hangs on the last letter of the word WELCOME. Select the key in inventory and click on a locked door. Pick award.

Level 52

Pick a lighter (lying on the railing to the left of the door). Then pick up the red  gas tank near the right railing.  first apply the gas to the balloon (between the basket and the beginning of the ball). Then burn the gas, using a lighter to it. The balloon will rise up. There are scissors in the place where there was a balloon. Pick up a pair of scissors and apply them to two bags on each side of the basket ball to fall. Click on the door to open it. Go to the next level.

Level 53

Pick spray, standing on top of the broken car. Take the wheel with a wrench lying under the car, near the rear wheels. Then use the wheel with a key on the car to install the missing wheel. Tere is green sponge in the grass under the driver's door of the car. Select inventory spray and apply it on the sponge. You get united thing - sprayed with a sponge. Select sprayed with a sponge in the inventory and then wipe them with the help of a car rapidly moving your finger from side to side, while not taking it off the screen. Click on the car door to open it. Take the key and the engine is located in the cabin. Click on the hood to open it, and then put in place the engine from the car. Use the key on the interior (where the door is open). The vehicle must drive off to the side. Go to the next level.

Level 54

Pick a metal detector on the porch, to the left from the door. Select it in the inventory and drag your finger across the grass in front of doors. On the left side you have to find a red cross. It is necessary to hold the detector (the lower portion) crosses up on this until the device stops. You will hear a distinctive sound. There is a shovel to the right of the door, to the right of the railing . Choose shovel and apply the image of the red cross on the ground. Remove the key from the hole, through which open the lock on the door. Go to the next level.

Level 55

There is a lawn mower on the level . First, lift the red canister of fuel (on the porch) to the left of the door. After that apply the canister on the red area mower to fill equipment. Click on mower and slide your finger from right to left. On the grass you will see a cat - 5697. These are the figures on the dial to the left, enter the door, then press the green button. Go on.

Level 56

From left to right on location are fans of different colors - blue, green, red and yellow. Above the fan is a sequence of four light bulbs of the same colors, but in a different order - blue, red, yellow, green. More over there are green button PLAY. Click this button and start all four fans. All of them rotate at different speeds, but eventually make a number of very full circle rotation. You have to count how many times each of the rotating fan. The result will be:

  1. Blue fan - 3 times.
  1. Green fan - 4 times.
  1. Red fan - 2 times.
  1. The yellow fan - 3 times.

But the code is not so, because the sequence of lights over the other fans - blue, red, yellow, green. That means that the code is: 3-2-3-4. Enter it, as usual, on the dial to the left of the door.

Level 57

There is a board with the image of a geometric figure before the door. You need to calculate the number of possible triangles in this figure. This amount will be a two-digit number. It will need to enter the dial to the left of the door. You can count on their own, can and does determine the code by selecting the two-digit numbers. Anyway, the answer is 35.

Level 58

You need to get rid of the dog to open the door.  There is a crowbar on the parapet of the visor above the door. Take the crowbar and then apply it on the hatch between the two bowls. Click a finger on the dumpster and find a bone. Throw a bone in one of two bowls. The dog run up to the bowl. Click for dumpster and throw a bone to another bowl. Since the door is open, the dog will fall down and you can continue your journey.

Level 59

Before the door stretched clothesline on which dried three T-shirts. These T-shirts have figure and numbers. Each T-shirt has five numbers and one blank segment. It is necessary to determine what kind of numerical sequence in front of you, and to bring the required number. Of the three numbers in the order you need to make the code and enter it using the dial in the lower left corner of the screen.

Thus, from left to right you can see the following sequences:

  1. The first t-shirt: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, **. It is not hard to guess that, starting from unity, all the numbers is multiplied by 2. Thus, multiply the number of 16 to 2 and get a first numerical value - 32.
  1. Average t-shirt 1, 8, 15, 22 **, 36. In this sequence, starting from the unit, each new number is added the number 7. Thus, add to the number 7 and number 22 will receive a second numerical value - 29 .
  1. On the right t-shirt -1, 6, 8, 2, 12, **. Here there is not a circular sequence of numbers, but clearly seen pairwise dependence of sectors facing each other. So, in front of 1 is 2, but on the contrary 6 is 12. It turns out that the first number is multiplied by 2. Multiply by 2 and 8 will receive the last numerical value - 16.

As a result, we obtain the required code - 322916.

Level 60

To start pick up golf balls lying on the ground under the bag. Then click at the bag to find a golf club. So, you can see three check boxes on the visor above the door. there is hole golf course with a flag in the foreground on the right side of the screen. You need three times to get into this hole. Each time after a stroke, will be taken or not, you need to make same: Select the inventory golf balls, click on the ground below the bag to set the ball, then select in the inventory stick and hold on the ball. Hold your finger to gain scale to the right of the hole.

Depending on how high is full scale, you will have strong or weak kick. If the ball stops near the wells, then it will fall into it. If the ball stops before or after her hole, then you have to start all over again. Be careful, because after a bad hit, you can not choose the same ball that stops on the lawn. You will need to re-click the balls in your inventory, then use them on the lawn, which was previously installed ball. One ball that has come or not rolled over the hole, will automatically disappear.

Village (the cost of opening - 9 gifts)

 Level 61

Click on a wooden stick with a poster WANTED (Wanted). Poster leave aside and you can pick up the gloves hanging on a building. Pick pumpkins lying on the ground below. There is a coat to the right of the building - and collect it. There is a hat on the roof of the building . But it's able to pick up after you spend one of the subjects. Anyway, all the found items will need to be put on the "trunk" scarecrow in the middle. Put on a coat, gloves and a pumpkin scarecrow, and then take away the hat and make it the same. The door will open.

Level 62

Before you there are two baskets with two letters - F to V. Apart from these few scattered locations on fruits and vegetables. Apparently, a basket of Latin F - Fruits (Fruits), a basket of Latin letter V - Vegetables (Vegetables). It is necessary to put the fruit in the left basket and vegetables - in the right basket.

The left basket F: banana, pineapple, pear, banana, melon, lemon, green apple, red apple, orange.

The right basket V: cucumber, cabbage, eggplant, red pepper, garlic, cucumber, cabbage, garlic, yellow pepper and garlic.

The developers did not bother to hide at least 1-2 vegetable or fruit, so the level of passes without any problems.

Level 63

You see the 6 frogs below. Three frogs are on the left side and three frogs are on the right side. You need to swap them, so that they fled. Puzzle, in principle, should be familiar to you. Proceed as follows:

  • Third left green frog,
  • Third right red frog
  • Second right red frog
  • The same green frog,
  • Second left green frog,
  • First left green frog (frog after these actions are located close and alternate color)
  • Second right red frog (mean)
  • Now move each of the three green frogs all the way as much as possible,
  • Continue to move the three red frog until it stops,
  • The last thing left to do is move one cell to the green frog.

Go through the door to be open.

Level 64

There is an attic at the top of the roof. You need to open the lock, hanging on the door of the attic. To start pick up the hay, lying behind the pitcher. Do the same with a wooden bucket on the right. Next, click on the main door and see a cow. Apply a cow hay, then substitute under her udder wooden bucket. You will receive a wooden bucket with milk. Pour all the milk yield in a jug at the left edge of the screen. I do not know what it is made of the key, but he pops up to the surface of the pitcher. Take the key and open the lock on the attic. This will open the main door, this time inside the cow will not.

Level 65

Before you sequence with missing digits: 192 ** 7. You need to guess the two digits. Since the six-digit number, it is possible that the numbers can be linked in pairs. Assume that 1 and 9 are interconnected. By adding the figures give the number 10. Thus, the action with the other figures. To 2 must be added 8 and 7 should be added to the 3. As a result, you get the correct code: 192837. Enter the code using the dial to the left of the door.

Level 66

You can see mouse in the corner of the screen and behind a large owl. You need to click on the her to catch. Give the mouse owl, then pay attention to her hooting with a pause. And the owl hoots in the following order: 2-3-4-2, where the hyphen - is a pause. On the door hangs a ring. You need to knock on the door with the same frequency. Click on the ring twice, pause, click three times, pause, click four times, pause, double-click. The door should open.

It is noteworthy that if the door you can not open, it is best to start the level again. To do this, click the level number in the lower right corner of the screen and select the rounded arrow. Just if you're ever pulled over the ring in the correct sequence, even if the right door will not open.

Level 67

Here is an ostrich. On the ground lay an ostrich egg. Move the egg so that it overlaps a hole in the ground under the ostrich. Remove from the house a brass pipe, and then pull the hanging at the top of the screen rope. As a result of this action is to drop the microphone. Use a brass tube to the microphone to scare the ostrich. He hides his head in the ground, parallel to break an egg. And the egg was hidden key. Pick up the key and open them to the castle to go to the next level.

Level 68

On location there are a few butterflies. To the left of the door there is a dial. Apparently, the need to enter the code. All butterflies painted in rainbow colors, of which 7 pieces. If you remember the sequence of colors of the rainbow explained by the phrase: "Every hunter wants to know where the hidden pheasant." The sequence of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Now count the number of butterflies of each of these colors:

  • Red: 3 insects
  • Orange: 2 insects
  • Yellow: 1 insect
  • Green: 2 insects
  • Blue: 3 insects
  • Blue 2 insects
  • Purple: 2 insects.

So, make the code: 3212322. Enter it on the dial to the left of the door.

Level 69

It is strange levels. As if you do not move floating in the air balloon, inside which you can see the key to burst it can be in any position. At the same time the only thing that is important is that the wooden pallet has to be in the right corner of the screen. Just move the tray, and then double-click on the red cabinet with a barrier. When raising and lowering the cabinet to burst the ball, and the key will fall on the tray. And even if the ball is on the left and the pallet, as we decided, is at the right edge, the key will still fall into the right place. Open this door key and go further.


Level 70

You need to fold into a suitcase only those things that takes tourists on holiday. To put things in a suitcase and move them around the screen to the desired location without taking his finger. If you put the wrong thing in the suitcase, then start again do not have to, but the script does not work the door opening.

Here are the correct items: glasses, fins, camera, plane tickets, a surfboard. To all the rest, even do not touch. The door opens automatically.

Summer (cost of opening - 9 gifts)

Level 71

Finally, you will find yourself on a different level, in front of the bungalow. Remove the weight, located under the roof, above the table, labeled DANGEROUS BRIDGE. Take another dumbbell on the right side. Place both weights on the bridge, then put a finger to them and lift to the maximum height. Remove your finger from the screen, the weights will fall down, and broke down the wooden bridge. Pick up the key and open the door for them. Go on.

Level 72

In the lower left corner of the screen you can see the bottle of champagne. Take this bottle of champagne and a place in the middle of the table. In the upper right corner sits a parrot, which holds its beak keychain. You need to get the keys. Rotate the bottle of champagne, so that the neck to bring her parrot. Shake your device to stir up the champagne and then click bottle. The cork startle a bird that will drop a bunch of keys. Pick a bunch of keys, and with its help, open the lock on the door.

Level 73

Move the chair to the right and take the line on the railing. Pick up a fishing rod, located to the right of the bucket. Move the bucket to the left and pick up the magnet. Fishing tackle set on a stand in the middle of the screen and then apply it to the line first, and then - a magnet. Click on the fishing rod, so that she began to move from side to side. Re-click on the fishing rod so that the magnet stop exactly on the key lying in the water. If done correctly, you will pick up the key. If the key has not been selected, then repeat the procedure with the movement of rods on the location. Open the lock and go on.


Level 74

Here you need to make vertical, horizontal and diagonal figures all add up to the number "15". Correct location numbers will be:

  • Top row: 2-7-6.
  • Average number: 9-5-1.
  • Bottom row: 4-3-8.

Go through the opened door.

Level 75

Click on a huge mine in the water and see the puzzle. You need to move the bomb to the cells of the green button. But it should be done so to take all available cells. On the other hand, the bomb moves only vertically or horizontally. Here is the correct sequence of movements: Right, Down, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Up, Up, Left, Up , Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right.

It is noteworthy that not all smartphones and tablets can be seen all the field you move mine. If you have used the above sequence, and you need to move up the bomb, but the free cells you do not see, do

Level 76

You need to fill a hanging bucket, in which seats 6 liters. Downstairs there are three other buckets of different capacities - 12, 5 and 8 liters. The bucket capacity of 12 liters is filled with water. Your task - to fill the bucket capacity of 6 liters, hanging from the top. Pour water as follows: a bucket of 12 liters to 8 liters in a bucket, a bucket of 8 liters per 5 liters bucket, bucket of 5 liters to 12 liters in a bucket, a bucket of 8 liters per bucket of 5 liters, 12 liters bucket of 8 liters in a bucket, a bucket of 8 liters in a bucket 5 liters bucket of 8 liters in a bucket of 6 liters. Pick up the key and open the door for them.

Level 77

Click on a motor boat and you will see a new puzzle. You need to turn the wheels with the wires so as to apply voltage to the four circles in the bottom row. That's the right combination of circles:

  1. Top row left to right: letter G, the horizontal line, the letter T, the vertical line with a stick to the left.
  1. The second top row from left: a vertical line with a stick to the right, an inverted T with twigs up and left, an inverted T with twigs up and left, an inverted T with twigs up and left.
  1. The third top row from left to right: an inverted T with twigs up and to the right, the letter T, the horizontal line, an inverted T with twigs left and down.
  1. The fourth top row from left to right: the letter T, the horizontal line, an inverted T with twigs and down the left, vertical line.
  1. The fifth top row from left: a vertical line with a stick to the right, an inverted T with twigs and down the left vertical line with a stick to the right, a vertical line with a stick to the left.

Do not forget to turn the wheels in the bottom row so that their ears looked up. If the circle is powered, then the flashing green.

Level 78

Remove lifeline hanging under the roof of the bungalow. Remove the cutting out of the blue bucket, standing on a wooden bridge. Hang on the hook (or stud) on the door and fish lifeline. Below there is sawfish. You need to click on it at some point so that sawfish jumped up, trying to grab the fish, and stuck in a lifeline. Use fish-saw to remove the board. Move it up and down the same board. Repeat with three boards and go through the door.

Level 79

Click on the chest and see a puzzle. You need to calculate how many arrows point to each of the squares. Depending on the amount you need to put this figure in each box. The number of arrows 1 to 4. The correct answer:

  • Top row: 4-3-4-4.
  • A number below: 2-4-1-3.
  • A number below: 4-1-1-1.
  • Bottom row: 3-4-1-4.

Get out of the trunk key and open the door with it.

Level 80

Look at the four circles with glowing dots. You need to light the five points in the final round. You need know the regularity. To do this, repeat the same points that the circle with the number "3". Next you need to add the number "2" in a mirror image. If we move from the "twelve o'clock" (the highest point of the last lap), the sequence will be the (clockwise): luminous point (twelve hours), non-luminous point, a point of light, non-luminous point shining point, a point of light, non-luminous point shining dot.

Autumn (cost of opening - 9 gifts)

Level 81

The level is fairly complicated. You need to make on location was autumn and there was a tent. In total there are 9 cells, on which you can click. Each cell pattern changes neighboring cells. Here are the correct sequence: the central cell, the top left, right in the middle row, right in the middle row, right in the bottom row, middle in the bottom row, middle in the bottom row. Go inside the tent.

Level 82

Before the tent fly fireflies. A total of nine pieces, and they move in a certain pattern. Move the stump with an ax to the right and you will see a sign with the image of geometric shapes: Z, square, triangle, circle. You need to calculate how many fireflies moving according to laws. The letter Z move 3 firefly, square - 2 firefly, triangle - 3 firefly circle - 1 firefly. Enter the correct code on the dial: 3231.

Level 83

You need to move the ball between the holes in the red circle on the right. After that, the cell rises to the left, you can move the ball on the red circle on the left. Once it is there, then the door will open.

Level 84

In the tent there is a hint: E = 4, V = 2. If you have not guessed, this is the number of straight line segments that make up each letter. On the board in front of the tent there are four letters in the following sequence: LFHI. Count how many of them are composed of segments. Letter L - 2 of the segment, the letter F - 3 segment, the letter H - 3 segment, the letter I - 1 segment. Enter the correct code: 2331.

Level 85

Pick up the red gate, hanging on top of the tent. Take a shovel, rests on the right side of the tent. Use a shovel to the pipe on the left to unearth it. When you see a hole with a pipe, then put on her red valve (tube). Shake handheld device to stick in the upper left corner fell down. But you need not the stick, and a wrench, which will remain in its place in the top left corner of the screen. Take a wrench and use it to turn the valve on the pipe. Pick a conventional key, which is lying in a pit, where there was water. But you still can not come to the tent, as the pit in front of you. Pick up the two boards in the lower right corner of the screen and place them on the pit to make a bridge. Now apply previously found the key on the door to open it.

Level 86

From the box on the right you need pull three hammer under a stone - square, triangle and two acute angles. Next you need to apply these hammers in sequence on a large boulder: rectangular, triangular, rectangular, triangular, with two edges, a triangular, rectangular, with two edges, two edges, rectangular, triangular, with two edges, a triangular, rectangular, with two edges. Each time a proper impact on the stone will be new cracks. If you will be dealt a blow not correct, all the cracks disappear. But be careful, because sometimes there are cracks in the stone dark place. You can not notice and re-strike the same hammer as in the prompt above.

Level 87

Pick up firewood in the corner to the left, right under the shovel plate with the image of "drops". Pick up a branch on the right side of the screen, on the ground. Brushwood put in a fireplace. With shovels choose a stone in the lower left corner of the screen. Use a shovel to the place where the stone was to dig up the ground. Spade will disappear, and the inventory in its place will land. Now apply the stone several times a fireplace with firewood. Lights the fire. Apply on fire stick from inventory to ignite it. Next, pull the plug out of the bottle previously dug pits in the lower left corner of the screen. Now apply the ground to the left hangs a sign, a bottle with a stopper - on the right hangs a sign, and a burning stick - on top of the plate. All the signs fall. Put out the fire using the same bottle, and then drop to the ground fireplace. The door opens into the tent.

Level 88

You need to define a code that is entered on the dial to the right of the entrance to the tent. For this there are two clues: the tent is shown on an apple with a question mark, and in the lower right corner of the screen growing mushroom with a question mark. As you know, it is necessary to count the number of apples and the amount of mushrooms. Whole apples on location 7 pieces. The most secretive of them - blue (blue) apple in the upper left corner of the screen, under the glowing green mushrooms. Mushrooms on location 23 pieces. The result is a code: 723.

Level 89

Move the cart to the left side. You will see three different colored light bulbs - red, yellow and green. Now tap your finger on the red apple. It moves to the basket. As soon as you remove your finger from the screen, all the apples will return to their original positions. You have to move your finger across the screen from one apple to another, until all of them will be inside the basket. The sequence would be: red apple, yellow, green, red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green. Then lift your finger from the screen and opens the door to the tent.

Level 90

Here are four peaks - two red and two blue. At the top of the tent hanging clocks indicating the time 11:23. The hour hand is painted in blue and the minute hand - in red. In the lower right corner is a basket of mushrooms. You can drag and drop from the basket mushrooms and stringing them on spikes.

The clock consists of four digits - two two-digit numbers. It is necessary to impose on the blue spikes 1 mushroom (as a blue arrow shows 11:00), and the red spikes implant 2 and 3, respectively, of the fungus, from left to right (as the red arrow points to 23 minutes). Thus, from left to right the number of fungi on the peaks should be: 1-2-1-3. Go on.

City (cost of opening - 9 gifts)

Level 91

On the road constantly drives the car. First, shake your device to from the visor fell off the crossbar red and white. Take this off. Thereafter, the sides locate the two pillars of gray. Install the support at the door, and put on top of the crossbar. You will have a barrier. Take this barrier, and then put on the road. Remove the rope to the right of the door. The car rested into the barrier. Tie the rope to the back of the machine. Automatically the other end of the rope is attached to the boards on the door. Remove the barrier from the road. The machine will begin to move and throw up the board, locking the door.

Level 92

You need to click on the empty circles by moving the red button. It is necessary to build a key figure as shown on the nameplate below. If you have already something to click, then reset the puzzle restart the level. The order of clicking on the following should be:

  • A second round (top to bottom) in the third column (left to right) - 1 times,
  • A second round (top to bottom) in the second column (from left to right) - 5 times,
  • The second round (top to bottom) in the fourth column (left to right) - 2 times,
  • Third circle (downward) in the third column (left to right) - 4 times,
  • Fourth circle (downward) in the third column (left to right) - 1 times,
  • The fourth circle (top to bottom) in the fourth column (left to right) - 3 times.

You will receive a key which will need to open the lock on the door.

Level 93

Take a red umbrella, standing behind a garbage can on the left of the door. On the roof of the building sits a black cat, holding in the paws of the key. From garbage bags around the urn remove the sausage. Use the umbrella on the sewer grate on the road, and then click on it again to open. Now hold your finger on the umbrellas and pull up the grate. Get out of the sewer ladder and attach it to the right of the door. After that apply to the roof above the stairs sausage. The cat will run away to the dogs, throwing down the key. Pick up the key and open the door for them.

Level 94

Above shows the numbers: 7 8 7 7 8 3. You need to place between these figures signs of mathematical operations. Be careful, because any signs may be repeated any number of times. Click on the order of the following arithmetic operations: + * - *. As a result, you will have the equality 7 * 8 + 7 * 7-8 + 3 = 100. The door will open.

Level 95

There is a dog on two legs from the left. On the right side is placed grill where the meat is fried. You can take a piece of meat and give it to the dog. That double-LH, but nothing good will come of it. In fact, you need to start with a tilt your phone left. On the trolley rolled out location. Take away from the trolley dynamite. Open the door of the truck and pulled out chili. Place chilies on the grill to pepper meat. Hang dynamite at the door. Now take out the barbecue meat with chili and let his dog. The dog will blow the fire, thus the heat of a stick of dynamite. The road is clean!

Level 96

The door to the fire. You need to call the fire department. For a start, shake the device to from the visor dropped battery. Pick up the battery. Now open the shield under the red phone to the left and insert into the battery. Then remove from the roof of a coin and toss it into the phone. Click on the phone and dial the number 911. Will arrive fire truck and extinguish the fire. Go on.

Level 97

Here is a sequence of numbers on wooden boards "0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,?,?,?." You need to guess which numbers were omitted at the end of the sequence. The fact that each successive number is the sum of the previous two. So, the next number in the sequence is the sum of the numbers 13 and 8. In the end, get the number 21. Then add 21 and 13 and get the second number - 34. Then fold 34 and 21, to get the last number - 55. As a result, a door code is so: 213,455.

Level 98

Again, you need to guess the missing number. You see a circle divided into six sectors. The following figures are arranged in a row and the number of (clockwise): 3-4-6-12-36. Each successive number clockwise can be found by the formula: multiply the previous two numbers and divide by 2. For example, figure 6 was obtained by multiplying 3 and 4, and dividing by 2. The meaning is clear? Thus, the last number should be calculated according to the formula: 36 * 12/2. That will have the number 216. Enter it on the dial to the right of the door.

Level 99

The screen is visible, another sequence of "101, 112, 131 ...." The answer to this task - 415. Enter the code on the dial to the left of the door.

Level 100

Pick the red and white barrel, as well as two of the rocket red color on the sides of the screen (in the lower corners). Install the two wings of a rocket, then pour it into the fuel from the barrels found. Remove the roof window and paste it into the round hole. The rocket will rise to the platform in space. Remove from the window of a circular disk and insert it into the right side of the projector. Rockets fly again. To be continued!


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