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Walkthrough 101 Ways to die

Training Labs

Level 1. Orientation

First you need to decide on the management of the game. The keys W, S, A, D let you move a review. You cannot control themselves character. All that you can do - adjust the trap. Hold the SHIFT key to return the camera to its original position. If you press left CONTROL key, you can move the camera from different angles.

Direct your mouse over the bottom of the screen where you see the two mines - this is your inventory. The number and variety of traps will be different at each new level. If you press the TAB key, you will see a list of tasks instead of inventory. There is one major problem on the ground level. Later in the right window you will see the master class tasks.

So, move your mouse over a left mine in the bottom of the screen and click the left mouse button. So you select the mine. Next, place the picture of mine (cursor) to the right wall. Do you see on the right wall yellow square? Here you have to use mine to install it. The second mine is necessary to place it where you see fit. Set the mine on the slopes on the left side of the pit with spikes to open a new way to death. After that, you will see the long button with inscription in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on it to start the sequence.

Character always comes from green capsules and moves toward red. That is, he will go from right to left. You can see the device on top of the hill near the green capsules. Remember - this is a springboard. It alienates your hero directly on the wall, where the mine is set. The second mine is to push the character directly into a pit of spikes. This will be a new way of death. Here's a screenshot:


Level 2. The Bloom

Two new tools will appear on the next level. The first tool - is a springboard. Select it in the inventory by clicking the left mouse button, and then set near the green capsules at the top left of the screen (this is the place to be noted). Then you need to click again on the already set jumps and choose a path to your character flew over the red pill right.

Then select a second tool - slippery platform. Place it next to the cliff near the pit with spikes on the right side of the screen. Start the sequence. Your character must first fly over the red capsule using a springboard. He will fly through the hole with steam and go down the hill. Because you set the slope slippery the platform, then the character will slide into a pit of spikes.


Level 3. One More Thing ...

This level is more complicated than the previous. At this time, you have just two master tasks. One of them - to kill a character with a large ball. The second task - to kill the character by using a combo. View tasks in the game you can by pressing the TAB key. On the combo you see the picture of the cake, the ball (bomb) and spikes. After your character eats the cake, he should be injured by the bomb, which would alienate him aside spikes. Spikes are only in one place. There is near a cake. But first, set the gun from inventory on the ledge at the top left of the screen. Just as in the case of the springboard, the gun will have to rotate. Line of blue shows the flight path of the projectile cannon. Direct the path to a large bowl on the right. Then select ball (mine) from inventory and place it in a small hole on the left side of the cake.

Start the sequence. When the character will fall down on the track with a ball, then you left-click on the image "gun" in your inventory. You shoot a large ball that will fly off and kill a trainee. Further the other man goes. You can shoot him out of cannon to get some points. When the man goes down, you will see a new prompt. Hold the F key to speed up the movement test.

By the way, pressing the "Space" and hold it, you can see all active points on location. When a character begins to eat the cake, wait to appear round dial with a heart emptied about half. Thereafter click by a bomb in your inventory. It should look like this: character only eats the pie and does not have time to jump over the pit, as the bomb explodes and throws it to the ceiling studs. Only in this way an additional task will be executed.


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