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Walkthrough 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Chapter 1. Dark Days

Drag the film to the developing bath. Click the left mouse button on the tape before right scale is not completely full. Next, hold down the left mouse button and check all the frames. Left-click to stop the inspection. Choose a phrase about the revolution.

Girl comes to the room. You will need to find the secret plans until the time expires. Time is shown in the same red scale on the right side. Come to the table in the corner on the right side of the door and click on the white rhombus. On the table you will see the scrolls. Click on them. Inscription «SECRET PLANS» appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on this line. Next to dodge a soldier and click a few times on the left mouse button.

Chapter 2. One of Us

You can drink tea or refuse. Talk to the bearded man, and then open the folder and look at the two pictures. The interrogation will be long - choose those options that you want. Anyway will begin the third chapter, which is a kind of memory of Azadi Babak.

Chapter 3. Disco, of Course

Agree to take the tape. Next, you need to take pictures of people on the street. When the center of the lens is green, then you will need to take a photo. Optionally, the focus so that the two halves of sight coincided. Just click the left mouse button. Next in the lower right corner there will be two icons. Click on left icon to learn more about the photograph on the right icon - continue to photograph people. Make one more photo in the center and the right. Fourth picture – is a man with a poster on the right of the main street on a makeshift hill. After that, take a picture of two praying people.

Chapter 4. Not the Iran You Left

Talk to a friend, move forward and take a picture of a man, pasted over photos. To do this, remove the camera by clicking on its icon in the bottom of the screen. Move on and take a picture of a yellow car on the left. Go forward on the street. When the icon appears, then take a picture of men with cans of fuel right. Walk just a little further and take pictures on the same side of the man at the posters.

Talk to the woman and take a brochure. Then take away the tape lying on her desk. Follow on and continue to explore the different active point. In the end, you will pass to the rally.

Chapter 5. Glorious Shinning Iran


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