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Walkthrough 2Dark

Walkthrough 2Dark

At the beginning of the game, review the introductory cut-scene to learn about the events that took place in the forest on June 13, 1969.

Seven years later, house

Go along the alley to the right and at the top you will see the door. Use RMB to move. Look it. You can click on the call. Go to the right and in the shade at the nearest corner find a vase of plants. There is a key on it - just get close to vase.

Go back to the door, on the left side of the screen is the inventory. Click on the key to take it in hand, and then, holding it in your hands, just approach the door to open it. Turn on the light with the switch on the right.

Go to the kitchen on the right, the door is nearby. Pick up a flashlight from the table. Open the door to the right to find yourself in the storeroom. Take the screwdriver off the shelves. Turn on the light switch located near the doorway. Here, find the pistol on the table, the fuses on the shelves on top left corner.

Return to coridor and go up. Go to the bedroom on the right side of the TV. From under the bed, take out the old photo (1/113) - this is the first of 113 items that you can find (collectables).

On the bedside table find the fake book.

Go outside and pick up batteries next to the TV. Take the bulb located on the shelf to the left of it. Go to the room to the left, turn the light switch slightly above the doorway. For the red typewriter, you can view the folder with the photos and other collectable items. Now you have only one photo. From the living room with the TV go down to the bathroom from the bottom. From the floor or the sink pick up the toothbrush. You can kill a rat by taking a revolver in your hand and clicking on it with LMB.

Now in the room where there is a table with a red typewriter and photos, find on the corner a bookshelf. Apply on it found in the bedroom fake book to open the secret passage.

Go through it to the far room, turn on the flashlight. A map will hang on the wall. On the right is a table with a table lamp. Apply it to the previously found light bulb to turn on the light.

Examine the map.

Return to the storeroom where you found the gun, and take away from the same table box with bullets. Click on it in the inventory to get 12 bullets.

Just above the table, near the wall on the right are cardboard boxes. Under them, find one (2/113) and the second newspapers (3/113). Go to the front door and find the letter (4/113) to the left of it.

In the room where the cabinet is located, on which you put the book, in the lower right corner there is an automatic machine. Get out of it 5 candies.

Go out into the street and to the left of the front door, in the container, find empty bottles.

Watch TV to find a new place on the map. Return to the map in the secret room. You can click on the first marker to play a new level.

Gloomyditch Amusement Park

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