Walkthrough 35MM    

Walkthrough 35MM

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  1. Аватар Giedrius:

    You can make a fire in the middle of the room with wolfes if you have a lighter. Just press E on barrel with woods. The tactic that I used to fight the wolfes was first to turn around and grab the magazines before engaging them.

  2. Аватар Feligris:

    The strange device in the red-light room at hotel Bor (before the elevator area) is a projector which shows you the combination to the safe — this is also randomized during each playthrough. You can power it by finding a white car battery from the courtyard outside the hotel (I think it’s always outside). The battery location is also random.

    The two locations I’ve seen the battery in, from the starting point of the chapter, are :

    Inside the ventilation shaft shed immediately to the right (small fence-enclosed area), you need to open the door and go inside.

    Next to the UAZ 4WD car immediately to the left past the two buses, when you enter a long narrow fenced area.

    There are more possible locations for it, but I’ve not found others than those two.

  3. Аватар Berseker1408:

    There is the granny mentioned in the letter (The one you find inside the house where you found the Axe.) Just move the cabinet from the door. She looks like a zombie though.

  4. Аватар Berseker1408:

    As for the girl who asks to help her sick sister. That’s a trap. I don’t know how I triggered it in my first walkthrough, but Petrovich (The Character) got stabbed. In my second walkthrough, when the girl asked for help, he just walked away…Also there is a safe in the second floor of the left building, just in front of the guy who asks the batteries (The one with the open door). The password of the safe, is a number printed in a passport, found at a building down the street, where the Metro Entrance is located (Once you get out of the Metro, turn right, and walk down the street until you see an open window. Search all the rooms, and you will find the passport. The Password of the safe is the one circled at the Right-Upper Side.) Inside you find a letter, a med-kit, and a lockpick.

  5. Аватар AlaneWake:

    I can’t find the gasoline (fuel can) I know where it is supposed to be, in that house behind the red car where you should break with the axe, I look on the floor under the shelf but it is not there ( I restarted the game, thought of a glitch but still not there) I can’t go any further without the fuel can. Can someone help, please.

  6. Аватар xYdarkx:

    i can’t find the first battery next to the dead corps

    1. Аватар Roderick:

      i think the locations are random, for me when i got out of the subway i went right to the end of the street, there was a door or a window, cant remember, follow all the way to the end and there is a white battery and a magazine for the pistol. the other battery was after the girl scene. on the building.

  7. Аватар Robin Wolfe:

    In the first paragraph (first building) you can also move the trunk. Look up- place the trunk so that you can jump onto it and get the canned food that’s in the attic.

  8. Аватар Zwi:

    please try 2 — 1 — 4 — 8

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