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Walkthrough 7th Sector

Read detailed walkthrough the exciting platform 7th Sector from the creator of the shooter 35 MM.

Walkthrough 7th Sector

At the beginning of the game, press the specified keys, move left and right. Hold E and hold until you move into the cable. Move left, hold E to jump to another cable. Continue to the left and stop when there is a parallel wire at the bottom. Move on it and follow to the left.

Stop when you see a hanging cable at the top. Move to it; move the only way to the left to find the lamp. Hold E, which will destroy the lamp. Follow the back and move down. You can use the wire on the exploding lamp to move further. Jump on the wires through which the orange charges flow. They can not touch. Reach the left, climb to the top wire and move through a strange device with a blue line. Get out, you will encounter a barrier. In the background, there is an urn with an orange lamp below the TV. Interact with it to activate the device on the left.

Прохождение 7th Sector
Walkthrough 7th Sector

Move left and interact with the HD device in front of the window. This is a save point. You will find yourself on a cable pole. Jump onto the cable leading down. Go down there and see a 220V electrical shield. Interact with it. There are several light bulbs that can be active or passive. You must activate these bulbs so that the total value is 220. Almost all lamps except one increase this value (one reduces by 28). Activate all lamps except "-28", "31" and "4". You turn off the shield. Climb up and jump onto the wire that goes to the left.

Move inside the building. If you did not disconnect the current, the wire would be cut by a vice. Follow the left and see a few forks. You need to choose the path that leads further to the left. So you will find another shield. At this time, you need to select one element from three vertical rows. When you add pictures, the image was the same as below the sparkling details.

Come back. Activate the orange lamp. The magnet will pull the wire with the iron end. Now activate the green lamp so that the wire comes loose. It will fall next, and you can move on it.

A little about the principle of the following puzzles: you see yellow and green light bulbs. This is a button with a light indicator. If the light is green, then the magnets with which the button is connected work. If the light bulb is orange, then the magnets do not work.

Your task: go up to the top button and deactivate the magnets (it will turn orange). Go down to the bottom button and activate the magnets (the button will turn green). Go back up and activate the top button. Due to the fact that one of the magnets from the bottom works, only one metal ball will fly up. And you can move to it and from there to the second ball, which is below.

Follow the new room. Climb up and activate the mailbox to read the message. Go down and move through the wires all the way until you activate the HD device. Go back and go to the electronic gramophone control device. Turn on the fourth track at full volume and listen to it. An unknown voice will dictate numbers, but this is not what you need. Wait. In the end, the light will turn off at the end of the track.

Прохождение 7th Sector
Walkthrough 7th Sector

Go down the wire and look in the room with the corpse in the bathroom. A password will be displayed on the board. Note that it is different every time. In our case, these were the numbers 1866. Follow left and up and enter these numbers.

Прохождение 7th Sector
Walkthrough 7th Sector

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