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Walkthrough A Boy and His Blob

Forest. Meeting with bubble

At night, move in the right direction after the fall from the sky the unknown object. Go down the stairs. To do this, stand up straight on that ladder and hold down the arrow "down". Drive through the forest to the right, use the "Space" to perform the jump.

When will pass the pit with black slugs, you can not jump onto the ledge. To climb it, you have to move the square stone to the right as in the screenshot below.


Drop down. Jump on a square stone several times to destroy it. Go right and enter the inside of the tree to climb to the top. Go right to the next screen, go to the crash site of a space object and explore the bubble.

Do you remember chests that you have seen in the game? So, if you go this chests with bubble, he will swallow them, and in the future you will receive a bonus for them.

Follow the left, go up the hill to go to the previous part of the screen. Discard down stone to the black slug. You can go down right down to enter into a tree and pick up the chest. Can you just go back to his house.

Climb up into the house, go left and stand on the shining place. Bubble will take the form of stairs, and you can climb even higher. So did they. The first level is passed.

Forest. Level 2

Get up out of bed, go to the right. Take a look at the map and select a new level. The same forest, but a wider map. So, you find yourself in the woods. Press the W. Bubble eats this fruit, and turn into a puddle. Stand on the puddle to fall down. Do you understand the meaning?

Go right until you see a sign with a picture of a ladder. Press Tab. You will see a window with a choice sweet. There are three sweets. Select right sweet, throw it on the floor, where there is a sign with a picture of a ladder.

Climb the stairs, move to the right. Below you should see a chest. Select another sweet to make a hole. Drop down and call Bubble key Q. When he eat chest, then switch to sweet with the stairs. By creating a ladder, climb up, back.

Go right to the sign up arrow. Create a ladder, climb up, create another one and go even higher. Go right to find a chest. Call Bubble to the chest . When he eats it, then create a hole and drop down. Jump to the right. Do you see a black slug? Create a hole in front of him, after which he fell into the water. Go to the right, create a ladder near the sign and climb higher.

Go left and you will find the third chest. Call Bubble. Follow the right, jump through the hole below. Create a hole in front of a huge black monster, that he fell down. Move to the right, create a ladder and climb up to the golden bean. The level is passed!

Forest. Level 3

Go right at the specified location and reset sweet that you get instead of black bean. Instead of stairs, you will create a springboard. Jump on it. Push off, press the key "Space". So you can jump even higher. Go to the right, jump up on the trampoline and reset the stone on the head of the monster.

There is a pit with spikes to the right. Through it, you do not jump. Come to the edge, but not fall into the pit. Throw sweet with a springboard. If sweet fall down, the bubble jump off and eat it and will thus jump. Jump on the trampoline. Do not rush to jump to the right. Jupm even higher, start from the time jump. You have to jump to the top, to the left. There is a chest.

Again, go to the right edge and drop down blue sweet (select it through the Tab). If it fall down, then Bubble eat it and turn into a balloon. Call Bubble to his key Q. Now, wait for the bubble eat chest.

Go right, jump over the water, make a jump and jump higher. Follow the right and go down the ledge. On the left is a chest. Jump to it, creat a springboard, and then call your bubble to eat the second box.

Move to the right, where is black Slug. Create a hole in front of him so that he fell into the water. Create a trampoline and jump to the top. Jump to the left, which runs a large opponent. Stand at the edge and throw the blue sweet to bubble turned into a balloon and rose to you. Created with the help of Bubble hole and push it square stone so that he fell on the head of the monster. Drop through the hole and you then go to the tree on the left side.

Create a springboard, click on the "Space", the hero will build on it. Jump to the top, with the edge of the reset down the blue acorn. Call bubbles than he eat the third chest. Walk through the woods to the right. Go right, make a jump and jump across the water to the gold bean.

Side Ops 1. Crocodile

Just move to the right, jumpover black slugs. Do not fall down. As a result, you have to get to the golden bean.

Side Ops 2. Big stone head

Here you have to create a bubble hole and go down. These holes can trap and monsters. Downstairs, go to the right and create a ladder to climb to the gold bean. Nothing complicated, as before.

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