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Walkthrough ABZU

Walkthrough ABZU

Chapter 1. Laguna

Blue Lagoon

Use the right mouse button to dive under the water or move in any direction. Click the left mouse button to accelerate. If you press SPACE key, you will open radar or interact with the object.

Achievement "Violation". Swim to the surface and jump out of the water. First go deeper into the water and then run up to swim.

Dive into the water and behind note to the entrance. There is the cave. Follow there and see the huge fish named Goliath Grouper. Use the Shift key, to cling to the fish.

Achievement "Ballet". It is necessary to make overturn on the fish. So, click on the E key, to perform the trick and earn an achievement.

Green Backwater

Look at the bottom of the left side to see the hole. There is a hidden swimming pool (1/4). Leave to go of new fish. Follow the left side, swim down and look the drone at the bottom (1/3). Walk up to it and click on the SPACE key to interact. Drone will swim around you.

Move to the right to find the second drone (2/3). Ahead, on the left side, get a second hidden pool (2/4), and above it - a third hidden pool (3/4). In the center you swim to the bottom by the arches of the stones to find the shell (1/3).

Tere is a rock in the sand. Swim to it, clean rock from the sand and find a statue that looks like a shark. Climb up the statue, the first to find a place for meditation (1/2). When you meditate, you can look around yourself.  Move the camera.

Follow in the far right-hand side to the bottom to find another drone (3/3). Ahead there is a cave, the entrance to which is blocked by a large coral. With a drone you can destroy the coral (and you have at this point there may be three).


In the next part of the first chapter, you will see a large shark. Follow the inside, turn left for the nearest cliff and look for shell at the bottom (2/3).

Move into the darkness and follow through the bright blue portal. You will find yourself in an underwater temple. Swim toward the bright pillar and place the core. So you restore the temple. You will see four skates. Also, there will be plants and other fish. Below you can watch a layer of dark water, through which the you can’t swim.


After leaving the temple, look around inside the cave. One of the side walls there is one more place for meditation (2/2).

Achievement the "food chain." When you meditate, and then pay attention to predators. Find the fish called Roosterfish and look at her until she eats smaller fish.

Follow the path that leads from the tower of the restored temple. Swim inside the cave. There are pictures of the golden color on the wall. Swim in the upper part of the cave and find yourself in a large open space.

Shark attacks you. She destroys a drone. Swim past the islands. Note that if the last of them to swim to the bottom and to the right, you can find the hidden pool (4/4). On the left side from the last island at the bottom, you'll find a shell (3/3). Swim directly inside a metal tunnel of triangular shape.



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