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Walkthrough Adele Following the Signs

Walkthrough Adele Following the Signs

In a Forest Far Away

Read the basics of management after an introductory video. You can use either the A & D, or arrow keys "left" and "right" to move. Press the "Space" to jump. Press and hold the SHIFT and key direction to run.

Follow the right, jump over the pit, climb on the ledges. Soon you will see the high mountain, about which there is a wooden construction. There is the rope to the left entrance. Run and jump onto the rope by holding the SHIFT key and click on the "Space". Hold the W key or arrow movement direction "up". Then run and jump from the right edge of the roof on the hill on the right. Character hooks hands and you will hold the W key or the arrow "up".

Go on until you will see the checkpoint - a sign of Adele. Run and jump over a pit with spikes on the right. Note that you need to jump from the very edge; otherwise you will not fly so far. After the checkpoint you need to move at the bar of the broken bridge. Then run through a conventional bridge which collapses behind you. Move to the other side on a wooden platform.

After the bridge go right. You will see the writing on the screen: "Proceed quietly, otherwise you will be heard."  Stop run. Accelerate immediately before the ledge or try to jump on it without running. Jump over the other ledge.


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