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Walkthrough Agatha Christie The ABC Murders

Chapter 1

Listen to a letter from an unknown person. Next you will find yourself at the Railway Station. After the next boot you will finally be able to control your character.

Talk to Japp

The first thing you need to do - to talk with Japp. This is a man with a mustache in a light suit, he stands beside agency Escher and communicats with the constable.

When Poirot asks what time was the murder, Japp will start to look for something in his pockets. You have to find three clues. Please click on his mouth to mark for a first clue - "Light a smile." The second tip - click the top button of his waistcoat - "calm." Next, place the mouse cursor on the hat and forehead. After the dialogue, you have a new job will be - to examine the crime scene. Log in to the store by clicking on the door.

Inspect the crime scene

It is necessary to point out three areas: the middle floor, the upper stack of newspapers and one of the round boxes on a shelf near the window, approximately in the middle.


Click on the table with the dealer to learn it. Please check the ABC book with orange bindings. Turn it by holding the left mouse button. You should see something on a page open book. Next, click the package with red liquid at the bottom. Take a look at the package itself, to make sure that it is the juice from the strawberries, not blood. Finally, click on the field to the right of the table books. There's still the cursor should change its form and become a red glasses with a white rim.

Now click on the corpse. Explore a pack of cigarettes in the bottom of the screen, next to the victim's hand. Next, click on the fallen bank on the right side of the head. Do you see a red circular spot on the floor, to the right of the corpse (behind)? A little further there is another part of some banks. You have to learn and it. There are still two points: the head (abrasion on his forehead) and a hand pressed to her stomach.

Now click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to open the menu. There are three points - the magazine, objectives and issues (evidence). Select the lower section. Here you have to answer these questions using collected tips. The following have all the answers.

Question №1. Was Mrs. Asher killed on the spot?

Select clues: a pool of blood near the head and the absence of any traces on the floor. Poirot come to the conclusion that the woman was killed on the spot.

Question №2. How can we explain the presence of ABC directory on the counter?

Select from the following evidence: a letter signed by the ABC abbreviation, no fingerprints on this reference, tobacco shop did not sell such guides. It turns out that the killer left this guide as a message.

Now check the cash register, standing on the counter. Exit approach, by right-clicking. Hold down the left mouse button to find the side of the tip. There will be a small lever with images of open and closed locks. Click on the OPEN button. The device must be opened.

Inside you will see in the middle a closed cell, on which you can click the left mouse button. You need to enter the code to open it. In the cell there is a hint - "--2". We need to find two more digits of the code. is "8--" inscription on the right side of the machine. On the left side there is an inscription "-5". Common codes are "852". Click on the cash register buttons with numbers 8, 5 and 2 with pounds.

Remove the key from the cash register.

Open the inventory by clicking on the tab in the lower right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse over the image "key", hold down the left mouse button and drag the key on the door on the left side. So you open the door and will pass to the apartment of killed Asher.

Inspect the bedroom of Mrs. Asher

Click on the bed and examine three points: blood on the corner of pillows, a white handkerchief with blood and inverted portrait. Stand with photos need to be rotated so as to see who is depicted in the picture.

Look at the box on the table. Click the right mouse button. Now, with the left mouse button, turn the wooden box. At the bottom of the empty space get between the slats. Move at a time all the side trims counterclockwise until you find the button shown in the screenshot below.


Click on this button. We now find an empty space on the side and just move one piece of wood to the left:


Click on the second button. Turn to the right of the box and on the adjacent side of one piece of wood, move to an empty space. Click on the third button. The next piece of wood, which can push, look at the previous side. Move in the direction of the top piece of wood, and click on the fourth, the last button.

Open the box, slide the top bar to the left. Take a photo of the girl and look at the signature on the reverse side. It is Mary Drauer - the niece of the deceased Asher.

Examine the cabinet standing against the far wall. On its surface there is a round maze. You have to build all the way to hold a wooden flower in the center. Rotate only the second and third largest circumference. The circle in the center does not rotate. The same can be said about the outer circumference. It is noteworthy that, you can move the flower to the next circle. Then it is already outside the circle will rotate, but the one on which the flower, there will be.

Anyway, please note that the flower may withdraw from the two points. Make the following chart and draw a flower in the center.


Next, open the bedside table by clicking on the handle in the middle, between the doors. Inspect the two objects - a bottle with some medicine and writing. Both sites need to rotate so to see the inscriptions. It remains to answer the last question.

Question №3. Is theft motive for the crime?

Select these options here: the store no valuables, cash money left in place. So theft did not become a motive for the murder of Asher.

Next, inspect the area to the left of the bedroom. Hover over the old fireplace on the tap and on plates with empty bottles. Next, look at the mirror.

Inspect the neighborhood cigar store

Go outside and talk to Nancy Bodley. Place your cursor on it and select "red glasses with a white rim." Look it, select a cigarette, a blue plate with cigarette butts left on the stand, and matches more to the left cigarette butts. You come to the conclusion that this woman smokes exactly, and certainly has been a constant client of the tobacco shops.

Do you remember strawberries in a paper bag in a tobacco shop? This strawberry is just still sells Nancy Bodley. Exit approach after Nancy refuses to you to continue the conversation.

Interrogate Mary Drauer

Go back to the tobacco shop and go to the bedroom, Ashley. It will sit Drauer Mary, which you said Japp on the street. Please look her: the eyes, mouth and black dress between the breasts. Next, talk to Mary as you want. Anyway, your answers will only affect the trophies that you can get. On the plot - it is unlikely.

You need to answer on the next question.

Question №4. What Mrs. Asher did when she was killed?

Select the following clues: a pack of cigarettes around the woman's hand, a wound on his head and a mess on the shelf with tobacco packages. So, she was trying to take cigarettes from the shelf.

Find Franz Escher

Just go back to the shop and see how the Inspector Japp lead Franz Escher.

Inspect the items

Asher drunk. He immediately sits down and falls asleep. To begin, you need to inspect objects that are scattered at the entrance of Asher. Note the following points: there are new stockings on the floor in a box and a book with the clients, who took her in debt.

Find a way to bring in the feeling drunk Franz

Go to the street and talk to Nancy Bodley. Say that fruit are rotten, and then shout at her, so that she will not lie. Next, you will learn the time period when Nancy was in a tobacco shop. You can answer to the fifth question. Before the contract with Nancy everything.

Question №5. Can I set a time range when Mrs. Asher was murdered?

Select from the following evidence: Missy Asher was alive at 5:30 pm, the body was found at 11:00. But immediately will be another question.

Supplement to the question. Is it possible to reduce the amount of time and why?

Select options: the body can not be seen, while at the front door of the tobacco shops; Nancy visited the shop at six o'clock in the evening, but saw no one. It turns out that Nancy was after Asher's death, which occurred between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. But she did not see anyone, because Asher corpse lying behind the counter.

Do you see a bottle of white on the ground, between the counter with fruit and Nancy? Inspect the bottle. After that, re-click on it. Nancy asks Poirot, so she borrowed a bottle. Go back to the store and use the bottle on the sleeping Franz Escher.

Interrogate Franz Escher

First look France, blood on his lips, a bruise under his right eye, a torn sleeve on his left shoulder. Now talk to the man about everything.

To reconstruct a crime

Please click on Mrs. Asher, so she turned around. Next, select the "Q" to the killer asked him. Next, turn the book the other side, and not just put on the shelf. Successfully!

Read the letter

Examine the newspaper lying on the round table near the red sofa. For this you will receive an additional prize.

Walk up to the door, located behind the seated another detective, and pick up the letter from the floor B of the ABC (alias killer). Again, talk to a friend. Go to the right side of the table and turn on a fan to earn extra point. Sit down in a chair at the table and get extra points and a trophy.

Compare new letter to the first message

Click on the center of the desktop Poirot to see the front of the two letters.

Then click on the top letter and select the letter I in the beginning of the first sentence. Highlight the same capital letter I, which occurs three times in the second letter.

Now select a slightly tilted the letter A in the word's first letter Andover. Find this word in the second letter, and select an uppercase letter. However, the same letter A in an alias, which is listed at the end of each of the letters.

Further note that in both small letter w letters printed bad (line missing). Highlight the letters in both a letter. Done!

Question №6. What is special about the murder in Andover?

The answers are as follows: the first victim's name was Asher (Latin letter A); on the table lay a reference «ABC Andover."

Question №7. What can we understand about the next victim?

Answer: The letter points to a crime in Bexhill. The next victim will call the letter B.

Leave Whitehaven

Before you leave, go to the cabinet with two tall lamps. Look at the surface and re-learn the ABC directory. Turn it to Poirot read the information. Finally, look in the mirror near the entrance door (3 points). Leave the apartment.

To go to Scotland Yard

Get in the car on the road.

Report Japp of the letter B

Click on the gate to get to Scotland Yard. Click on the board with medals hanging on the wall right of the door. To get extra points, scroll to the following objects: Move the cursor to the center of the board with medals; Hover over the soldier statue with a gun; Hover over the white certificate hanging on the wall to the right of the board with medals.

Look at the map hanging behind Japp. Highlight London and Andover.

Next, click on Japp and select "glasses" icon. Highlight the following three objects: the phone off hook, empty cup of tea, white folder near the left hand inspector, on the edge of the table. Be sure to tell Japp that the next victim's name on the letter B (3 points). Say, that the killer is unpredictable. So you get a new trophy. In this first chapter of the walkthrough of Agatha Christie The ABC Murders is completed. Recently, the second part will be added!

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