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Walkthrough Alekhine’s Gun

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Start a new game and select the difficulty mode. See introductory video, which tells about the story.

Ghosts of the past

Bergen, Norway


  • Infiltrate into castle.
  • Destroy Martin Fichtner.
  • Destroy the film.
  • Destroy Hans Geyndriha.

Use the keys W, D, A, D to move your character. Move the mouse To move the camera. Press SHIFT key will allow you to accelerate, and the C key - crouch. Key E - interact with objects, to perform some action.

Go forward, slowly. There is a guard booth on the left. Sneak up to the soldier; choose a stranglehold on the "3" and strangle the enemy. Change clothes in his form (if you're playing at the appropriate level of difficulty). Go past the car, up the stairs and into a large door on the left. So you get inside the castle! It is the first goal.

Go through the door on the right, near the stairs. Go through one more door, run to the end of the corridor, past the bookcases. There is a dining room on the left side, where Martin Fichtner is. If you remember, you will need to destroy him. In addition, you will need officer's uniform!

Look for Martin. After the dinner table he goes into the room where he has to wait for the doctor. Doctor will not be and Martin will return back. This is your chance. We need to find a doctor form.

Go outside through another entrance and locate the prison. The door of the prison is open, but on the sides there are two soldiers. Walk around the building in a circle and find the box. Hack it and climb inside. Exit through the door and follow through the other door on the right. The room will be the usual bald soldiers and an officer. When the officer will go, then sneak up behind the soldier and kill his by halter. Hide the body in an alcove at the far end, where there is a candlestick. When the officer returns, kill him and change in his clothes its shape. Hide the body too.

Wait until one of the soldiers will be on the second floor. Destroy it. There is the lever in the corner, under the stairs. Pull it to turn off the electricity. Soon officer goes down from the third floor. You have to climb to the third floor and go to the surgery room. While no one is here, get on the wall of the other arm. Pull it. Now we have to wait Dr. Hans Geyndrih. The officer goes down to the second floor, turns on electricity. Hans kill shock. You do the second task!

Again, turn on the light when it will be possible. Climb up to the doctor’s corpse. Change clothes when a bald man will goes away from the camera. Take the key of the doctor’s cabinet.

Go back to the castle; go the doctor's office. Officer Fichtner always goes in this office, therefore, it will not be difficult to find a room. When the officer comes back and sees you here, ask to inspect. Close the door and walk up to the officer on the couch. Make him an injection of air. You kill the officer.

Change clothes in his uniform and take the key to the cabinet. Rise to the second floor of the castle and find the door with soldiers. Next there is sitting on a chair at the table opponent. Go through the door; find a safe in the back room. You need to crack the safe. You can rotate the wheels in two different directions. Turn one either side as long as you are not at the same time to rotate all three laps. Do it slowly. When the lower circle turns green, then turn the wheels in the other direction. At first you will only rotate the upper circle, as usual. Then you spin two laps. Slow action. You have to move the two circles so that the average became green. At the same time it must be done before it starts to rotate the lower circle that you have already configured. When the lower and middle circles are green, and then turn the top to the other side. When it is green, then press the button E. You will discover a safe. Take away the poison, even though he will no longer need. Take the film and destroy it.

Go outside, go left past the prison. Climb the wall and get down into the dungeon. Walk up to the camera with a prisoner. After talking to him, go to the crematorium and turn the valve to turn off the fire. The first mission is done!

The second mission on the next page!

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