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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2


After the quest "Past mistakes", you will again meet Horatio from the future at home. This time he asks for a clone vaccination. Ask for a prepayment, and Newport will reward Evan with 1000 coins.

Return to work and you will find all the right clones of Carl Stein on the 25th floor. You can vaccinate them without permission, but you will have to spend 100 credibility points for each. If you want to save a total of 500 credibility points, then make friends with Horatio Newport. Watch three episodes of the “Schrodinger Effect” series. After that, talk for vaccination and get permission. Now you do not need to spend credibility!

Compete the vaccination, go back home, where you will again see Horatio from the future. This will be your last meeting. You can drive the old man away, or take his money - another 1000 coins.

Reward: 1000 coins (and 1000 coins in addition, if you ask for prepayment).


The task is taken automatically after you find yourself on the floor. Amelia Weiss will tell you what to do and will ask you to create ten clones. You must select any of the professions proposed above (on the right of the screen) to create any clone. Also you need apply any attribute modifier. The green button at the bottom left allows you to spend 30 minutes and buy modifiers. If you select a profession and one modifier, the red button will become active. Click on it to confirm the selection.

There are light bulbs on the screen in the center above. Clones will be correct if at least three bulbs are lit. Prepare 10 clones and receive a reward.

Reward: 350 credibility points.

Beneficial Effect

Visit the office of Isaac Weinberg, the head of the 25th floor, and talk to him. He will tell about his plans and ask to place on the busts of the Leader. Three emitters of patriotism can be installed on busts located on the first floor in the working room (there are two in the left and right end of the room) and on the bridge of first floor where the landscaper works (large bust on the right).

Productivity amplifiers should be placed in eight places. You can install in the fountain on the ground floor next to the office of Marco Legrand, near the hawker, in the trading terminal, in the security booth at the beginning of the Ministry and in the office telephone. On the second floor you can install productivity amplifiers in two fountains near the working booths and on the office telephone. When place all the devices, tell Isaac Weinberg about it.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Clean Experiment

Weinberg will ask you to get tested. Go to the business phone and interact with it. Choose any answer options and then tell Isaac about it. Isaac will lead you to his secret lab where you will have to agree to the mission. If you refuse, Evan will be killed.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Carl Zero

So, you need to find out about the past life of Carl Stein. You can ask about him from the staff of the 25th floor. Also you can find useful information from Horatio Newport (befriend him). Most of the information is in the house where Carl Stein was the manager. Return to your home and call the archives by phone. Request the information about Carl to find his address.

Go to the specified address, chat with all people. When you will have the necessary information, tell Isaac Weinberg about it. From Patrick Stein – say that Carl did not raise money for studies at the University and arrested Schimmer, although he gave him a book for training, and could not help his girlfriend Andrea Gorchik. From Martha Stein - say that father promised to buy candy in exchange for information about glasses, forgot the name of the doll - Naira, and could not find a cure for the disease, which he called "the sun" in the stomach.

When Anna Stein appears on the screen, tell that Carl was never able to get the illegal drug, did not help Patrick, and he left to work in the mines and Anna died in the end. If you select at least one wrong option, you will have to start all over again.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

New Religion

After this, a new quest will start from Isaac Weinberg. You will need to go back home and read the "Canon of the Clones", after which you will have a talk about it with the boss. If you insult his feelings, you will die. If you politely refuse, you can continue to perform tasks. If you agree to become a prophet, then Isaac will no longer communicate with Evan.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Sky High

This task is associated with obtaining a promotion, so that you can climb to the last, 37th floor. Accumulate 15,000 credibility points. The best way is to complete the quest “Science and crime” and “Competitive environment 1.0.25”.

Science and Crime

You need arrest Isaac Weinberg, the head of the 25th floor. You will get 10,000 credibility points. You will have to complete his personal tasks. We are talking about the quests "Beneficial Effect", "Clean Experiment" and "Carl Zero". After that, call Cunningham from your phone. The man will be arrested the next morning.

Reward: 10,000 credibility points.

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