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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

This person will be Serena Marwitz - a bunny clerk. Chat with her. She will ask to destroy the vending machine from the neighboring room. Agree to help. After completing the quest "Rise of the Machines", described below, talk to Serena. She will help. Return to Legrand and report that Marwitz will sneak the stimulants to the ministry.

Rise of the Machines

The quest is taken from Serena Marwitz, in the side quest “Deal with the Devil”. She asks to destroy the vending machine. For this you need a screwdriver. A screwdriver is in the desktop of Peter Dong. Break it, take away the screwdriver and go to the vending machine. Interact with it, inspect, unscrew the screws and pick up the device. Pass it to Marwitz to complete the quest and enlist her support with the transfer of stimulants.

Reward: 250 coins.

Dangerous way

This task will begin as part of the quest "Deal with the Devil" if you agreed to move the stimulants alone. The next day, take them from the merchant. Go through the security, but the security service will stop you. Pay the coins or authority points, but they will take away the stimulants.

Nevertheless, you need tell about the failure of Marco Legran. He will give an award.

Reward: 250 coins (stimulators failed to carry). Surely there is a way to do it.

Enhancing performance

The task can be started the next day after Serena Marwitz brings stimulants to the Ministry. Chat with Marco, and then take up the quest. You can sell Hazer, but for this you have to convince a woman by spending 500 credibility points.

You can also find two pairs of unknown employees - one at the secretary’s office, the other - next to the vending machine. Chat with both, suggest stimulants. Lay the first stimulator in the metal fence to the left of the machine, the second - in a pot with a bush in the left side of the room where the landscaping service employee is located. You earn the money - 500 coins for each stimulator. When you sell all three stimulants, the quest will end.

By the way, you can put these stimulants into the desktops of employees, and get rid of colleagues in the quest Promotion”.

From the heart

Take this quest after you read the love letter of Peter Dong. Talk to Peter about everything and offer your help. You will need to know what flowers Emma loves. Go to her and ask about your preferences. She will say that she loves red flowers, but she has allergic to poppies. Return to Dong. You should not pay for poppies, because their choice will have the same consequences as all other flowers. Except for red roses, these are Emma's favorite flowers. The quest will end.

Reward: 250 coins.

In search of courage

The next day, talk to Peter. No matter what flowers he gave Emma, ​​the answer will be the same. Peter still doubts his abilities, so you have to find a way to help him relax. This can be done with the help of two objects - a bottle of whiskey and a brochure with tips. The brochure can be found on the Emma Hazer desktop, which will have to be hacked. If you give Peter the brochure, then the next day you can pass the quest “The Voice of the Ministry”.

If you give Peter a bottle of whiskey, he will say Emme too much, and she will slap him. You will to convince Emma that she should give Peter a chance. Therefore, before the task “Voice of the Ministry” will need to complete the quest “Bad advice”.

By the way, a bottle of whiskey lies in one of the bushes in the location with the landscaping service employee.

Reward: 250 coins.

Bad advice

The task will be active after a conversation with Peter Dong, if you gave him a bottle of whiskey during the quest "In search of courage." Talk to him and agree to help. Go to Emma Hazer and convince her to forgive Dong. For this you have to spend 300 credibility points. If you do this, you can complete the quest "The Voice of the Ministry."

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