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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Reward: 250 coins.

The Voice of the Ministry

This quest will be active after the tasks "In search of courage" and (if necessary) "Bad advice". Talk to Peter, then go to your workplace and select a surveillance camera. Give Peter the right advice — no need to be rude. Go back and talk to the man to complete the task.

Reward: 250 coins, the book "Breaking of locks."

Seven Days a Week

You can get it, talk to the cop on the fifth or sixth day. He can not wait for his mate, so you need to go to his house.

Big prank

You can take the quest in a conversation with Marco Legrand the next day after completing the quest “Play with Dong’s feelings”. When you take the last task, Marco will say that he has a more powerful way to play on Peter Dong. You need to come up the next day. So do it. Talk to Legrand.

He wants you to convince Emma Hazer to lure Peter Dong to the toilet, and then steal his pants. Chat with the woman and convince her by spending 500 coins or 500 credibility points. Perhaps if you can get Emma's trust and chat about the series “Passion for the Leader”, this amount will be reduced.

If you completed the quest line of Peter Dong, and convinced Hazer to go on a date with him, she would refuse to do it. The quest will be failed.

If you could convince the woman, then the next day, Peter Dong will come to work with a weapon and shoot everyone. If you don't convince him to calm down, he will kill main hero. By the way, this is one of the ways to get rid of the Dong on the task of "Promotion."

Clearance Level

Magda Rakovich will give you the quest after you bring her a pass Hemnitz from the Lost and Found office. Agree to help and find secret documents in one of the carts of the general working hall. Also you need to learn the hacking skills of the locks and terminals. Go to Magda and give the documents. Now you have only opportunity to explore her terminal and desktop!

Do it. There is another biometric safe in the table. There are letters from the children's home.

Reward: 50 credibility points.

The Brink of Starvation

You need to examine the documents at the terminal Magda Rakovich. Read the mission description above. After that, chat with the woman and agree to help. The food voucher is hidden in the file cabinet, which is located next to the Magda desk, on the right, in the background. You have to spend eight hours to find the card index. So come in the morning. Find food voucher, and give it to Magda to complete the mission.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Medicine for children

Quest follows from the previous mission. Magda asks to find medicines. Go back home, interact with the door and go in search of a doctor. You spend three hours. Upon arrival, go to the barge and talk to the boy. Pretend the police and search this place to take the wires. Follow the railway tunnel and open its door, apply the wires. Talk to the doctor and take insulin. Give Magda it.

There is an alternative, but more complex option. On the other hand, the sequence above will result in several penalties. Upon arrival, you must pass into the railway tunnel and go to the cargo. Inside there is insulin, but you have to break the lock. Peter has the book with this skill (read the task "Debts").

Reward: 250 credibility points.

No Rope Needed

This mission you can take after the completion of the previous quest. Magda asks to soap. She will give a book with the skills of hacking terminals "Homeland". Also you could found it earlier in the shop of Selena Marwitz. Learn the skill; enter Pete Ferguson’s office when he isn’t there. Hack the terminal. Select the bottom item and enter the institution number - 207/1. A window will open where you will need to select the soap at the top, and the rest of the lines will contain biscuits, posters, dead wood and large prizes. Return to Magda and report on the completion of the mission.

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