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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Blood Ties

Finally, at the end of the quest “No Rope Needed” Magda will tell about her dead daughter and granddaughter from the orphanage. You will learn all the necessary information to start this mission. Go back home, call the archives and spend 1000 authority points to search for data about Magda’s granddaughter. The task is activated. Return to work and tell Rakovich about how to call your granddaughter. The next day, she will leave the Ministry.

Reward: 500 credibility points.

Secret Visitor

On the second or third day, Pete Ferguson will call you to his office. Go there, chat and agree to help. After that, go to Nicholas Page and take fake money from him. Go to the hall with queues and talk to the guard, so that he put you in the queue. This will need to be done on a day when you have at least six hours.

Chat with people in line to convince them to let you go. Choose only the lower phrases, and everything will be fine. Reach the window, talk to the woman and give a bribe. You can keep silent or say that the money is fake. Complete the task to get the reward, regardless of choice. Later, when you ask for the operation “Secret Visitor”, you will find out that the woman was caught and gave all the money (depending on the decision you made earlier).

Reward: 250 credibility points.


Ferguson’s next quest is about collecting money from the floor staff. Talk to him and agree, go to Magda and find out more about the quest. Need to find 1000 coins. You can immediately give your boss money, or you can buy fake from Nicholas Page for 499 coins.

If you do not want give him hard-earned money, then you go to Peter Dong and take the first 500 coins. Marco Legrand will say that there is no money, and Emma Hazer will give it back only if you make friends with her. Watch the series “Passion for the Leader” three times and after each one of them the next day chat with Emma.

Take the money and return Ferguson. By the way, you can still buy fake money from Nicholas Page and thereby earn 501 coins.

A Generous Feast

You talk to Ferguson. He will ask for another favor - to arrange a feast for him. First you need to find no frills alcohol and cheap food. You can use hawthorn tincture. Buy it from Page for 299 coins. A bottle of tincture you can get from Peter Dong, if during the current quest to speak with him and ask why he is so gloomy. For it you will need to give 100 credibility points.

You can buy food at the vending machine for 100 coins (if you didn’t destroy it on the quest “Rise of the Machines”) or from Serena Marwitz for 300. Collect food and tincture, return to Ferguson and tell about the completion of the mission.

Now you need to find an escort - two girls of easy virtue. You will need a pimp business card. You can get it from Marco Legrand. If this cannot be done (for example, Legrand is already killed), then go back home and interact with the door. Go searching for prostitutes. You spend three hours. Talk to one of them, agree or refuse her services (300 coins for consent), and then talk to the pimp. You will receive a business card.

From home dial a pimp and make an appointment. Next morning talk to Don near the lost and found office, find out the names of the girls you need and tell them to the pimp. Return to Pete Ferguson to compete the quest.

Important. If you confirm that you have found an escort, then the party will begin. You need to have time to install cameras on quest “Spy Games”.


The quest you can take only if you agreed to go to Ferguson's party. Chat with a man, and then decide how to deal with five people - help them or make nasty things. The top lines allow you to help, the bottom lines - to aggravate the situation. In the first case, Pete will be unhappy; in the second he will say that now Evan enjoys his respect. There will be no reward and no consequences for the decisions made.


You can take this quest from Peter Dong after you make friends with him. You will need to watch three episodes of the patriotic film. After that, you see an additional dialogue phrase. Talk about this and find out that Dong's mom needs a large amount - 20,000 coins. You can try to raise money yourself.

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