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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Two other options:

    1. Examine the safe in the office of the chief, go out into the workroom and overhear the conversation of two men standing next to the door at the left end. You will find out that there are bonds inside the safe.
    2. Go to the street and chat with a stranger near the subway to. He will offer Peter the business card of the underground clinic. Give it Dong. Mom will cut a kidney, but it will be cancerous.

Talk to Dong the next day. If you gave a business card to an underground clinic, he will tell about the success and present a book with the skill of breaking locks.

If you choose the first option with a safe, then Peter will ask for help and still give this book.

Reward: a book with the skill of breaking locks.


It will be necessary to crack the safe Ferguson and take the bonds. Pre-learn the skill of breaking locks by reading a book (received from Peter). You can sell the bonds for 1000 coins to the dealer.

Serve Cold

The task you can take only if you make friends with Peter Dong. He wants to make fun of Legrand. Break the terminal of Legrand and read the letter from the father, who refuses to give money. Go outside and talk about legacy with Legrand. Now you can tell Peter about this, he will make a prank so that Legrand will be executed.

Life Plans

Make friends with Emma Hazer, you can find out how she's doing. Suggest to send children to boarding school. There are two places that you can advise a woman - orphanage "Cornflower" and a military camp. You can find out about the latter on the streets of the city. Go through the door of the house (spend an hour of time). If you tell Emma about the camp, then a day later you will be called and informed about the prize - 400 coins.

You can learn about the orphanage "Cornflower" from Magda Rakovich if she's still working. Talk to her, and then tell Emma about the orphanage. Recommend Emma to use beauty, or do it yourself. In the second case, you will need to call the orphanage from home and convince them to take Emma's children for 500 coins or credibility points. In the first case, Emma will sleep with the head of the orphanage.

Reward: 200 credibility points.

New Tomorrow

One of these days a person will come to your home and ask for help. It is necessary to bring the chip with an explosive device to the Ministry. This will lead to the death of some people (unfamiliar to you), so you can immediately refuse. If you agree, then you will get 2500-3000 coins. Go to the Ministry, give the chip to Nicholas Page and give the password (upper sentence). Watch the video. The money will be immediately credited to the account, but the working day will end.

You can also talk after the explosion with different people (the next business day). But in an interview with Pete Ferguson, you will receive an additional reward - 1000 coins.

Reward: 3,000 coins, 1,000 coins from Ferguson.

Process 10 forms

It is a difficult task. You will need to put one or two stamps. Set all the stamps correctly, and you earn one point. For five correct forms you get 200 credibility points. In addition, the super game will begin. You will get five credibility points for one correct form.

Study the actions described on the left. There is a stamp the left of each action. Find the one stamp that is bigger and use it. Do this for each of the three paragraphs. After that, save before each form and start to stamp the specified stamps. In 50% of cases, you will correctly form the forms.

Ten forms you can file in one, two or even three days, so do not rush too much.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Win or Die

Rose will tell you about Supergame on the second work day. She will explain what Supergame is. Your team has all those people who need to be eliminated. You can eliminate them after Supergame. Fill the forms correctly. It will be enough to fill 4-5 form every second day, if you have not eliminated them yet.

Why is Hank so angry?

So let's start with the elimination of Hank. Talk to Hank, he will be unhappy. But you can earn credibility points by exchanging them one by one for coins. Give Hank 20 coins each and you will get 20 credibility points.

Talk to John Smith and ask why Hank is angry. Give him a bottle of whiskey or rum. If you have no bottle, then buy from Nicholas Page for 200 coins or from a merchant for 100 (go from home). A bottle of rum was in the desk of Marco Legrand

Important. You have eliminated colleagues. Find items from their desk in the Lost and Found office.

Give Hank alcohol and you can talk to him normally. Agree to help him.

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