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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

The Wright brothers

Go to Nicholas Page and ask for Hank’s Brother. Talk to another man who wanders around the level – Werner Otto. The last target is the guard at the entrance. But you need to pay him 300 credibility points for the necessary information. You will receive a new quest from Otto - "Power Increase".

Power Increase

You need to find a power supply for the terminal. (Otto asked). Go home and go outside. Go to the dealer (Selena Marwitz asked about this dealer) and buy a power supply for 300 coins. Go back to Otto and give the item. After a few seconds, he will tell you about Brother Wright.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Searching the Floor

This task is directly related to the quest "Investigation." You need to search the floor and find Hank’s brother. Take a book from the file cabinet next to De Salvo's office. Then go home and learn the skill. Next, visit the office of DeSalvo, when the boss is not there, and break the terminal. Examine all documents and photos to learn about the dog show. Also choose the first section. You need a password. The password is the nickname of your beloved dog (click on "question mark").

Come back home and go to the dog show. You spend three hours. Pay the guard 500 coins for information, and then find out the dog's name. Follow back to Alberto's office and hack into the computer. Enter the code to open a secret passage. Go down and go to the left side of the shelter. Here you will find Brother Wright. Talk to him, then take a scalpel from the couch and try to free it.

There are several options for completing the quest.

Family Reunion

When Albert arrives, you use authority points to free the prisoner. The brothers will reunite.


Agree to torture the prisoner together with Alberto. Then go to Hank. Tell him that you have not found a brother, and he will continue to drink. You can say that you found a brother, but he died, and Hank will commit suicide. Also you can report that you killed him, but Alberto made Evan. Hank will take revenge on DeSalvo and die.

The Horrible Truth

Agree on release. Alberto will ask to bring Hank to him. Report it to Hank, give him a scalpel. In any case, Hank will die.

Reward: none.

Film and Tape

Visit the office of the chief and talk to him. Agree to help. Tape lies in John Smith’s desktop. There are no films in the Ministry, so go home and interact with the door. Select a factory visit, chat with people in management. Just scare them to get a ticket. Go to the warehouse with this ticket and give the item to the boss. He still will not give the film, because it is not in stock. On the other hand, the man will offer to buy his own film. Pay 300 coins, then return to the Ministry and give both items to Alberto.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Medical Tools

You can take this quest from Alberto DeSalvo after the quest "Film and Tape". He needs medical tools. Return home and call the ambulance. Say about a heart attack and talk to the doctor. Use coins (500) or authority points (400) to convince her and take a mad kit with medical tools. Then go back to DeSalvo and give the tools.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Library Raider

Alberto DeSalvo will ask you to take the book “The Philosophy of Suffering” in the library. Go home, go to the library and ask the girl for a book. Give her a compliment and offer to look for a book together. Spend one hour of your time. You find a book and get another one that allows you to reduce the cost of television. Go back to DeSalvo and give it back.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

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