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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2

Take out the trash

The next day you visit DeSalvo and see a cart. Talk to the boss. He will ask to take out the documents. Interact with the cart. You can look in the cart or not when the main character stops. If you do not look, then you do Alberto’s order. If you look, you will see a person. You can help him out - it will be Fred (Magda Rakovich addressed one of his letters to him). Also you can cover Fred with papers and throw him in the Shredder. You can report to Alberto about man.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

The Most Dangerous Game

After completing the quest “Searching the Floor”, Alberto will call you on the second or third day. Talk to him. Just refuse will not work; otherwise he put Evan in jail. You can spend 800 credibility points or agree to cooperate with DeSalvo. Although it is still not necessary to perform this quest, because you can just put man in jail. You can complete this quest if you have not yet gotten rid of all your colleagues.

In such a case, you will need to spend 900 credibility points to convince a protester stranger. In doing so, you report about this to your boss.

Reward: 500 credibility points.

A Standard Order

After the first day of work, Cunningham will call you. He will ask to learn more about John Smith. Agree to help, call the archives and request information. You spend 200 credibility points. But it's not going to work. Call Cunningham and report him. The task will be completed, but a new quest will begin.

Who are you?

Go to work and chat with John Smith. You have to spend 500 credibility points to find out at least some information. Find out who he really is. You will need to call the archive again and request another name this time. It will cost 300 credibility points. Talk to John again the next work day. He will ask for help.

A little help

John cannot find his family. He hides from the bandits in the Ministry. Go back home and make an official request to the archives, by phone. Have to spend 100 credibility points. They will tell you where to look for the house. Go through the door. You spend 3 hours, plus 2 more, if you don’t pay 350 coins for a taxi, but take the subway.

Upon arrival, talk to the police and pay 350 coins to search the house. There is safe in the hall. Hack it to pick up 980 coins. There is a wedding ring in the bedroom. Take it and then go back home.

The next working day, talk to Anthony and give him the ring. In fact, it was enough to learn about the fire, but John Smith will give an additional reward for the ring.

Reward: 300 coins, another 200 coins for a wedding ring.


The task will start automatically upon completion of the previous one. Go outside and walk to the subway, where a stranger will stop you. This gangster will offer a deal - 2500 coins or credibility points. But he wants that Evan lures John Smith to the street. Agree to start the quest “Old Debts”.

Go back to John. If you don’t talk him about gangster - the quest “Old Debts” will start. If you tell him about gang on the street – the quest "Escape" will start.

Reward: 250 coins.

Old Debts

Go back to John and chat with him. Say that it's safe outside. You will automatically complete the quest.

Reward: 2500 credibility points or 2500 coins.

The escape

So, Evan decided to help John with his escape. Chat with a man. You need to find a wig, women's dress and a fake pass. Nicolas Page has a wig and it will cost you - 300 coins. You can buy the fake pass by dealer for 330 coins. Also here you can buy a wig for 100 coins. Find a women's dress in the desktop of Gloria Melfi. Collect all three items and give them to John Smith. The quest will be completed, and John will successfully leave the Ministry.

Reward: 500 coins.

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