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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2


Take this quest from the secretary Rose. Chat with her and find out that you need to find a few people to participate in the quiz. There are three in the Ministry: you can meet a granny on the bridge, and employee in the hall with queue. You will have to pay them on 200 credibility points for participation. A man from the street agrees to participate for free.

Go home and follow the street to look for volunteers. An agitator with a poster will even pay you 350 coins if you take him to the team. Shoeshiner will ask for 100 coins. Interact with the cops, you can take a professor (get a book with the skill of saving energy), or abandon him and get a policeman.

Collect a team, go back and report it to Rose.

Reward: 250 credibility points, the book (if you picked a professor from the street).

The Best-Laid Plans

The next day, Rose will say that Gloria let her down. Previously, the woman promised to bring her son to the quiz. Talk to Gloria. She will tell some incredible story. You can tell it Rose. In this case, Rose is executed, and you get rid of a competitor. You can cover up Gloria Melfi. Ask Rose where to look for information about her son.

Reward: 50 credibility points.

Call the Archive

Go home and make a request to the archives (by phone). You will learn that Gloria’s son is dead. Call the hospital and talk with a doctor. Use authority or money. Previously, Gloria had suffered mental disorder. The doctor will tell you how to get her out of the illusion.

Phantom Pains

Go to the Ministry and talk to Gloria about her son. You recognized the important information (some more you can find on the terminal). Start to pretend that you are her son Malcolm. Choose the correct answers and Gloria believes you:

  • Pride and Prejudice.
  • Quay.
  • Cast iron man.
  • School number 0261.

After that, you will save Gloria, and the woman will leave the Ministry and go for treatment. Talk to her again to get coins and find out about departure.

You can spend credibility points and tell Gloria that her son is dead. In this case, she would kill herself.

Reward: 1000 coins.

New Horizons

Tell to Amelia Weiss about self-development. Spend 500 credibility points. Speak about of personal questions. Pay and convince in self-development.

You need find two business cards for Amelia - the Word of the Leader and personal development coach. Talk with a sectarian on the square from the Ministry. He gives a business card to you. He walks next to the statue of the Leader. Go home in the evening (after you got the task). A coach will knock on your door and give you a business card. Decide which one to give to Amelia. In any case, the woman will leave the Ministry.

If you give a business card to a sect, the next day you will meet her on the way to work (Amelia will stop Evan in the same place as the sectarian was). If you gave a personal card to a personal trainer, Weiss will call you and say that she transferred money - 1000 coins. This is an additional reward.

Reward: 250 coins (and 1000 extra coins).

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