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Walkthrough 11

Walkthrough all Side Quests Beholder 2


Talk to Stephen Dowking and ask what series he likes to watch. Buy this series ("Quantum Leap") at home for 500 coins and watch the series. Do these three times to make friends with Stephen. After that, you talk to the man and help him to get Certificate Issuing Office.

Go to this office from home and ask for help. You can choose of two certificates - disability and treatment. If you bring a certificate for treatment to Stephen, he will leave the Ministry. You get rid of colleagues. If you bring a certificate of disability, you can continue to communicate with Dowking in the next quest. Read below.

Reward: 50 credibility points.

Help for the Suburbs

This task Stephen Dowking will give you immediately after the previous one. Agree to help. You need to find and confirm one of the three ways to help people in the Suburbs. The first is you can get from Oliver, an employee of a large terminal on the 25th floor. You will have to pay 1000 credibility points for information about the antidote and 1000 more coins for its acquisition.

Visit merchant Nathan and pay him 500 coins to find out the number of the army of mercenaries. Call from home and confirm your agreement to close the plant. They will capture it, thus you will help the Suburb. As for the organs, here I was not able to find the right solution.

Reward: 250 credibility points.

Lost in Translation

Talk to Maria Curie, but the girl will speak in a strange language.  Oliver says you that she is a Borean. A Phrasebook is hidden in a cabinet in the office of Isaac Weinberg, the head of the 25th floor. Go there when Isaac is not in place. Search the bollard. You spend 30 minutes. Take a phrase book and go to the common room. A marker will appear above Oliver. Talk to the man and agree to help.

Go back home and spend one hour to learn Borean. After that, talk to Maria Curie and find out why she cannot work. Go to Oliver and decide how to complete the quest. You can say that Curie is just lazy. Then she'll be fired. You can tell the truth. A guard rapes Maria. Oliver promises to talk to him about it, but after one or two days, Curie commits suicide.

Finally, it is possible to pay 1000 coins to Oliver. He will hire an interpreter for Curie. The last option will allow you to complete the quest described below.

Reward: 50 credibility points.

Shores of the Motherland

Maria Curie wants to return home if you help her. Talk to Maria Curie (with the assistance of an interpreter) the next day. She is pregnant. You can choose one of four options. If you offer to contact the embassy, ​​then run an additional task.

Return home and call the Embassy. Maria Curie will leave the Ministry. Next day she will call Evan. She will be grateful and send Evan an additional reward - 1000 coins.

Reward: 1000 coins.

Past mistakes

When you return home after the first working day, you will meet Horatio Newport from the future. A gray-haired man will tell you that in the past he made a mistake and chose the wrong clone development protocol, which is why they destroyed humanity in the future. Agree to help. In addition, you can to ask for prepayment, and Horatio will give 500 coins.

Go to work, find a book with the skill of hacking locks in the cart near the office of Isaac Weinberg. Learn this skill so that you can search the table of Horatio. But you are interested the terminal of Newport. For this you need a book that you will receive in a conversation with Oliver. Examine the skill and hack the terminal, and then select protocol B. If you select any other option, the task will fail. On the other hand, it will be possible to complete the quest described below.

Reward: 500 coins (and 500 coins in addition, if you ask for prepayment).

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