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Walkthrough Among the Innocent A Stricken Tale

Walkthrough Among the Innocent A Stricken Tale

How to get out from the house?

You need to get out of the house. Look around. There is a bucket with wood chips to the right of the fireplace. Click on it and it is moved into the fireplace. Go to the kitchen wall and find firewood near a large saucepan. Click on them.

Go back to the fireplace, and double-click on the chips. Set fire with a lighter.

Open the right door from the kitchen to get into the back room. Take your first note from the wall. Click on the button N to view the notes. Also there is a key on the same wall to the right. Take it.

Return to the hallway and go up to the second floor. There is a locked door. Go into the bedroom and find the battery in one of the boxes. Take them and apply on the radio (to the right of the bed).

What to do in the basement?

Go down and open one more door under the stairs. Use the key from the back room. Go down to the basement and see the remains of a man. Look at his right hand to find a bag of balls. Use C key to get down. Take balls, explore the basement. There is a chair with a bloody note to the right of the remains. Take it.

Puzzle maze

You will see a large wooden stand with glass opposite the table with the radio. There is locked box. Inspect the stand. You can rotate the small panels and leave them at a certain angle. See screenshot below. Set the panel as shown on it.

Then you need to move your cursor to the top of the bar, in the middle, above the top of the mobile panel. You should see the cursor as a "trunk". This means that you can use an object. Click on it. Ball will fall in a locked box. Take a coin from opened box, climb to the second floor and interact with a door with a lock. Use the coin to remove the four screws. So, you get to the room. Take the drawing from the table on the right. Climb up on the beam, and then click on a point to communicate. So you will find yourself on the roof.


Exit from the house and go around it around to find a small table. There is a map. Take it. Now you can open the map by pressing M.

Open it. Now, there is one point - the same house. Click on any red figures, you can quickly navigate through the location.

Go to the right along the path to the docks. There is a wooden platform with the engine to the left of the docks. If you run the engine on the platform, you can go up by cable car. But you need a lot of details.

Go to the house near the water. It will be marked on the map. Inside, there is a green canister to the right side.


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