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Walkthrough and Secrets Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel

You will know in this walkthrough:

  • How to get to the magical world of Ariandel?
  • How to start DLC Ashes of Ariandel?
  • How to get to a secret location and find the boss Guardian grave, to gain access to the new PvP-arena?
  • How to destroy the Guardian grave? How to destroy the sister Frieda and Father of Ariandel?

You need to complete the game to locate the Temple of depths, to get to the fire, "Chapel of purification." There is a man next to this the fire on the altar. Talk with him a few times until you start the cut-scene. Agree to help.

ATTENTION! You need high level of character with good protection from the elements such as fire and ice. You need to attack your opponent by sword or any other weapons, fire element.

Picture world of Ariandel

Move forward and kill the pursuers of Farron. We will not pay attention to all subjects that you can pick up at the location. Just learn them all closely and collect all that you need. Stand on a block of ice with the corpse to fall down. Kill the wolves. A little further you will find another, a giant wolf.

Kill them, go on, and get to the bridge. There is a small stone room with fire on the right side before the bridge. You can save the game. Go across the bridge and go to the chapel of Ariandel. Chat with William. Inside, talk with Frida. Do this twice to get the ring cold bite. It is useful to you in the final battle!

How to get to a secret location?

Go to the bridge from the Ariandel’s chapel. Box on it several times until it is destroyed. By the broken bridge you can go down a fire escape.


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