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Walkthrough Anna’s Quest

Answer questions of witch.

Go to the car and to acquire the ability of telekinesis.

Once again, to answer questions and take a table spoon.

Use the new ability on tablespoon.

Talk with teddy Ted and find out what he really enchanted boy.

Inspect the machine for telekinesis.

Come to the table and take out a pair of scissors along with paints, markers and blue ball.

Use a pair of scissors.

Take the blue stones with a spoon out of the car.

Open the inventory and perform the following steps:

Cut the ball.

Telekinesis straighten the horn.

Insert the resulting spiral stones ball.

After that, you want to go to the car - helmet and upgrade telekinesis.

Utilizing the improved ability of the camera tracking and open the door.

You can go.

Escape the game Anna's Quest

In the new room, you need to take a seat for the camera lens, and in the lobby - a magic hat.

On the first floor opened a drawer and take the ball, the key and the string.

Move aside the carpet and pick up the mold.

Go down the hall and talk there with the cast.

Climb up and give a rat mold - she refuses. Apply paint on the mold and then give it to a mouse.

Take the keys from the floor and open them now.

In the new room to use the key in the shape of a heart on a box, from which further need to get the recorder.

Use telekinesis on the speaker.

The precipitated thing to use the recorder.

Use the recorder on the safe.

Cut the part of the curtains, take a pillow and pad unicorn.

Apply padding to cushion.

Then, it is used the severed tissue.

Give the kitten get items and pick up the collar.

Cleaned out the safe and go to the basement.

In this walkthrough Anna's Quest does not end there ... you wait for the fun!


Use telekinesis to drain and inspect appeared pass.

Apply on the ability of the hand with a scarf in a certain sequence:



The little finger.

Thread and tie a spoon to pick up her fallen handkerchief.

At the same table take the ring, and the other table - the plug.

The cabinet read the book and take one with the name Partytricks.

Climb to the top floor.

View out the window onto the roof.

Apply telekinesis on the ceiling, there will be a hole.

Go down the hall and talk to the ghost.

Give him a ring - Phantom disappears.

In the bedroom put a handkerchief on the bed and take a nap on it.

Ghost goes into the hall.

Going down to the basement.

Apply wizard's hat on the book of tricks - you see tie's scarves.

Apply ball on the new subject.

The resulting a rope ladder throw to the hole in the ceiling and climb up to the attic.


Point the lens at the moon, and the amulet itself lens.

Remove mirror near the dragon, open the cage and take the dragon.

Give him a pencil.

Inspect for cracks on the tube and use telekinesis.

Climb to the roof and hang the mirror on the chimney.

From the cracks take the pen.

Go down the hall and see the sink.

Take the pipe from the wall in the hallway.

Plug the drain plug.

Open the tap in the lobby and take the hair of a witch.

Go down to the basement and throw into the pot and feather raven hair.

Boil water dragon and collect the charged amulet.

To go into a room with a witch.

When the witch begins to cast - use telekinesis on the wand.

Escape from the evil sorceress.

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