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Walkthrough Anno 2205

Anno 2205 come out on PC on 3 November 2015. This is the last series of the construction of the simulator. Players can to build their own dream city. This time, everything goes much further, as Anno 2205 you will raise humanity to a new technological level. You need to build a colony on the moon.


You'll manage multiple populations as in other games of this type and coordinate trade ties between the regions. Below you can see the guide, which was formed in close collaboration with the development team the game Anno 2205.

What are you use the model of the city to in an environment?

You'll need to pay attention to a large number of little things. Each residential building or industrial site needs energy and communications. Here are some tips that will help you create an effective infrastructure.

  • Try to plan their actions. Consider the size of the modules and the number of tiles in the construction of the city.
  • Use the move tool to select the most best place for construction.
  • Than further away the house is from a public building, by that resident swill consume more its. Build a public building in the center to expand its presence in all areas. See below.


  • In the Arctic sectors is necessary to provide home heating, which is allocated to industrial sites. You have to mix industrial and residential enterprises. One of the best advice in this case: use the modules that do not need to connect the street.
  • Geothermal turbine and gas power plants have a larger radius of a heat supply.
  • It is important to build an effective defense on the Moon. Generators shield divide into two sizes and require additional costs. You should try to minimize any duplication between them. So you optimize the ratio of costs and benefits.


Effective management of trade routes

A large car is not always better than two small. Transporting 40 tons of cargo in two small lorries are always cheaper than using one large vehicle. It is a balance between maximizing savings and ease of management. You can easily calculate your transportation costs per tonne of production. Here is an example of effective trading posts with the transport 100 tons of goods between the two regions of temperate climate:

  • 5 routes on 20 tons cost 5 * 50 credits per minute, equivalent to 250 credits per minute.
  • One route on 100 tonnes cost 300 credits per minute.

As you can see, five routes to 20 tons more economical than one shipment of 100 tons. On the other hand, a one-time order delivery of 100 tons is lighter. At some momet, more comfortable option is becoming more efficient. Therefore, you should always check the conditions of supply.

How earn a lot of money and balance the economy?

Just like in the real world, in the Anno 2205 money talks. You will need to manage your income and expenditure so as to maintain a stable economy and expand their settlements.

Balance your economy

You need to balance production and consumption. You need make that the remains have been as close as possible to zero. It mean that all that you produce is consumed by residents. It is better to make a little less goods than produce them much more. When all the space is completely filled, all production, which continues to be made, simply disappears. Credits that have been spent on production, as well retired. If you are planning to improve the staff, it is best to have a reserve required for consumer goods.

Satisfy the old needs because the new will cost you more.

Start to upgrade and expand your town to get more money. However, if you greatly increase the city without upgrades, that you not access to new lands, because you do not will have the opportunity to build bridges. Bridges require employees of a certain type and amount. If you can not provide them, then the bridge can not be built. Therefore, in this case you may have to go back and take down part of the city to meet the requirements.


As soon as possible check the additional area to which access can be obtained using the bridges.

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