Walkthrough of the Apocalipsis (2018): Harry at the End of the World

Walkthrough Apocalipsis (2018): Harry at the End of the World

The detailed walkthrough of the quest Apocalipsis (2018): Harry at the End of the World — with both ends!

Interface and management

Management is via the mouse, and only LMB. Hover the cursor over it and click LMB to interact with any subject. If the cursor will take the form of a «yellow hand» you can interact. But if the hand is «black», then it is impossible to interact with this object (you need an additional object).

If you see «dark gears», then you can interact with it only in one case — by applying a suitable object. There is your inventory in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the desired object LMB and hover over the object to which you want to apply it. This time, the gears will be yellow. If Harry cannot apply the object to this object, the protagonist will scatter his hands.

How to get both endings

Both bad and good (true) endings are obtained at the very end of the game. For the bad, it’s enough just to go through the game, not paying attention to the scattered flowers throughout the locations (total of SEVEN pieces). If you want to get a true ending, then you have to collect all the SEVEN flowers. Read more about this in the article, and in the end look for information about the true finale.

Beginning — shore

Select the lever that lies under the tree on the right. Apply it to the device on the left, pull the lever and lift the corpse from the bottom. Take the spear from the hands of the dead woman and thrust it into the rat from below. Show the spear with the rat head to the black cat in the tree on the right.

House (ritual)

Flower number 1. Find the first flower At the meat grinder on the right side, which is necessary for the true ending.

Take away the arm and the sphere in the tentacles (located side by side) from the shelf in the left part of the house. There is a hint about the conduct of the ritual on the left wall. Take the ladder in the background and put it to the cabinet in the center to get to the top shelf with the knife.

Take the knife, and then open the right door of the same closet to find the book. Put this book on the board to the left of the cabinet, which is on the stump. It still has two burning candles.

Apply the knife to the bat from the right, and then throw it into the meat grinder. Take away what’s left of the bat. Collect the scattered candles on the floor — four pieces, and then set it on the edges of the pentagram on the floor. Put your hand in the center; place the sphere on it and the remains of the bat on top. After that, the book should be lighted, which you put on the stump. Interact with her to move into the world of dreams.

Ravine with water

At the new location, pick up the ladder and set it so that it goes down. Climb down, click on any point, and then enter the cave. Pick up a long wooden board and two valves. Install the valves in their places.

You need to turn the valves so that the water through the pipe from the pond in the upper left corner of the screen went into the pit in the lower right corner of the screen.

After solving the puzzle, climb back, take the ladder and set it up as it was by default. Go to the first ravine and take the ladder with you. Place the board over the second ravine where the water was. Go through the board and install a ladder to climb the castle.

Torture chamber

You need to give meat to the dog on the right. Climb up to where the hangman is. There are three death cells with knives on the left. Take the knife from the far left, open the other two chambers and pull out two more knives from the dead heads of the corpses.

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