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Walkthrough Armikrog

After an introductory video, play for main character, go to the lever lying on the floor on the left side and click the left mouse button. Pick up the lever, left-click on the panel of the door on the right. Hero will automatically insert the lever and move it down, thereby open the passage to the left. Follow the new room.

P.S. To move your character, as in any point - & - click adventure game, you have to use the mouse and its left button. If you click on the location moves only dog, four-legged friend of the protagonist, is a mistake. We'll have to restart the game, because in the first place is to move the main character, and have him follow the second character.

However, in the game it is possible to control both characters individually. So, if you play as originally Tomminavta, then click the left mouse button to switch dog. Push orange-white creature in the room to the left. Climb over it and press the red button on the left side. Click on the dog and by controll the dog, take a look at a small hole in the wall. Take the tunnel, pick up at the end the lever and return to Tomminavtu.

When dog is near Tomminavt then wrest same lever. Click on it and go to the room on the right, where there is a statue. Point the cursor to the panel at the doorway on the left and click on the left mouse button to put Tomminavt and lower the lever. Pass on the right opens. Go into the room on the left side, where there is a strange creature. Move this creature to the right so that the room with the statue, it was situated in the doorway to the right, you have just open. Top will drop tentacles. Click to Tomminavt climb on them. Then you need to press the hole in the top of the screen, which should rise tentacles.

There is a door on the second floor on the left side. There are a large window between the door and the tentacles. Tap into it and will see a "Avraahant" Lincoln.

"Avraahant" Lincoln himself.
"Avraahant" Lincoln himself.

Hholds a leaf with sheet lines in his hands. When you press the first line make two sounds, the second line - three sounds, the third line - one sound. Remember this.

Examine the panel next to the door and see nine cells with symbols. Around the 3x3 field has buttons in the form of arrows. When you click on these buttons, the symbols change the location. The middle row is highlighted and you need to find the right combination of the three characters.

Go down into the rooms below go into the room on the left side by using the tentacles and switch on the dog. Dog run in into the hole and move to the right. Walk to the end, to be in the first place. You should see the first of three characters on the wall. In our case it was the "wings", but with absolute certainty can assure you that for every passing character set will be individual.

The first character is found. Climb by the tentacles into the room above. Hence, without getting off the tentacles, rise even higher. You will see a huge green button and the door on the left.

The third floor has a lever (to make it easier to navigate).
The third floor has a lever (to make it easier to navigate).

The screenshot depicts the lever for a reason, and the door is open. Rise to the top by tentacles, where you will see that same octopus play the role of the hoist. Go right. There is a funicular on the right side, but to use it until you can not. Pick up from the ground L-shaped lever and go back downstairs, in a room in the previous screenshot.

Insert the lever into the hole (again, as shown in the screenshot above). Scroll down the lever several times until the left side will not go red. Enter the new room, switch on the dog and run in into the hole on the left side. Move to the end, and then another room. In the role of a dog you will find yourself on the top floor, where the octopus-lift. Pay attention to the symbols on the wall. Remember it. In our case, it was "an astronaut with a spear", but with absolute certainty can assure you that for every passing character set will be individual.

Go back to the lever. If you go to the statue at the bottom, it will give you a pretty unambiguous hint: "How not cool, and  in the same room place two." Well, turn several times the same lever and in the aisle on the left is a green room. Follow back and watch the cut-scene. Tomminavt will find a child, by the way, after leaving the room  you need calm the child. When you leave this room, you will find that the tentacles on the right side there. But about Tomminavta appear icon with a crying baby. Click on the icon and you will see in front of a music circle with hanging toys. Three toys fell. Hook them into place and wait. Wait until the music does not pass on the entire range. If any toy will fall down, you'll have to swap them and wait for the completion of the second round. Your task is to music played around the circle and at the same time none of the toys did not fall down. By the way, in order to start the music, press the green button in the lower left corner of the screen with a circle.

How to calm a child.
How to calm a child.

If you do everything right, and the music loses before the end, the child calms down. The reward for this is not only the return of the tentacles, but also the first green crystal.

Again, enter the green room andpick up the lever on the floor left of the animal skin. This lever must be inserted into the control panel, located near the cable car on the fourth green, the top tier.

How to turn on electricity

Go back to the red room, turn the lever a few times (the third floor). Switch to the dog and follow through the hole in the wall on the left. Get to the technical floor with octopus. Click on the octopus, view a video, and then you pick up the abandoned item. Go back to Tomminavt where dog regurgitate parts.

Switch to Tomminavt and pick up the item. Put this item into the device in the background, and then play for dog, press the red button on the right side to the left of the doorway.

Electricity served!
Electricity served!

Follow back to the cable car, pull the lever, which recently inserted. Since electricity is applied, Tomminavt and dog suck in the tube and "spit out" right in the booth. Follow the line to the right and down until you find yourself in a room. Get to the metal circle. The room will light the light, and you can see the latest, the third character. In our case, it was "a man with glasses," but with absolute certainty can assure you that for every passing character set will be individual.

Go back to the cable car back. Stand on the metal circle and wait a few seconds to sucked back the pipe their.

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