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Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India

Remembrance 1.

Heart assassin Arbaaz World - the hero of the game is skilled assassin. You will manage him during the passage of the first mission (you do not conflict any of the Templars). You have to use the skills of parkour in attempts to penetrate into the palace, where it is necessary to find the princess's chambers.

Once the mission begins, it starts a short training in which you will learn about managing your character and performing various combo action. Take the cable car and walk up to your first goal. On the left side you will see the tiger and the red area, the boundaries of which violate strictly prohibited, otherwise the tiger roar and raise an alarm to the guards nearby. Open the gate and continue walkthrough the mission Assassins Creed Chronicles India.

In this mission you will learn how to use the environment to hide from the guards. You need to perform the specific actions, you'll get points that increase the level of your character. If you avoid the guards kills, you will get the maximum number of points and higher rating sequence. Open the map and you will see the collectibles and position your main objective on the map. Use the hook to climb up faster. There are several ways to achieve the goal. Every time you walk through a checkpoint will appear rating for the current segment.

Once you walk several training segments will start the real walkthrough of the mission. You will have to sneak past a guard to kill them all. If you want to get the rating "Gold / Shadow" that should not kill anyone. Later, you will be able to use "eagle vision". If you see an exclamation mark over his head, it means that the character has an additional task for you.

You need to collect three gems from the guards. The best way to do it - pickpocketing. Use them in stealth mode. You must climb to the palace, while select a safe and short way. Use bombs to distract enemies at a distance. You need to steal one of the enemies of the key on the locked door. After securing key, go to the House Princess to complete the first sequence.

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