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The principle of the game

At the beginning of the walkthrough explain the principle of the game. You control the Assassin in the two-dimensional mode. You are free to do whatever you want, except for a few moments. Each part is divided into several segments. Depending on how you pass one or another segment, you assign a rating - gold, silver or bronze.

But you can pass the segment may by way of "Shadows", "Neutralizer" or "Assassin". What does it all mean? Path "Shadows" - you do not get caught the eye of enemies, you will not notice, and you do not touch anyone. "Neutralizer": in this case, you do not kill enemies and stun them. Sneak up to him quietly and hold down the left mouse button to stun. "Assassin" - you kill all the enemies. Path "Shadows", in fact, means that no one will notice you, and therefore the rating is only "Gold".

Now go on. Before the start of the mission and in the pause, you can see a list of collectible items: chests and fragments of the Animus. All of these items are shown on your card!!! The same can be said about the tasks of the extra facilities. During the course of the game to open the map and see the M key, which is the next thing. An exclamation mark on a dark background is the main goal of the game. An exclamation point on a white background is the additional goal of the game. Typically there are two additional purposes or three.

Finally, under the additional tasks have inscriptions such as "Improving Health - 4200".., Etc. What does it mean? If you type for this chapter of 4200 points or more, the scale of your health will be improved. To score maximum points, you have to pass all sections of the game on the same path - Assassin, Shadow or Neutralizer.

So, here is the walkthrough of the road of "Shadows"!

Part 1. Sunset dynasty

As additional task you have to steal secret documents from the Templars. Total there are three documents. Collectible items are also available. Just periodically keep an eye on the map and you will find them all! Anyway, the number of points at the end of the game, they do not influence, so in our walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia their location can’t be described.

As for the improvements, the 1500 score you will increase the stock of health, but for 3000 points accelerate the process of stealing anything from the enemy.

Sneak through the depot

Move to the right, go down the red rope and go forward. You can steal the enemy crept up behind him and hold the key C. Climb up the ledges on the building and jump to the stairs to the right and go on the balcony over the enemies. First segment - "Shadow: Gold."

Follow the right and you will see an enemy who is looking in your direction. Press the "2" to select a gun. Aim on F (need to hold) and shoot the lights by pressing the key G. While distracted enemy go down. Press on G to work around two opponents in front. Assassin uses a winch and hangs under the balcony. You can make this only where there are red beams. Keep this in mind in the future! Climb to the right and jump over enemies by pressing the key C. Climb up to the next balcony. The second section - "Shadow: Gold."

Run to the other side of the red beam in the foreground of the screen. Enter the building and call. You will distract the enemy below. Go right, pick the lock, hold the key C. Shoot winch in red object on the right, and then click several times on the Space. Lift up. Go rise to it and press the button to go down. Quickly run up to the table to the left and hold CTRL. So you stoop and hide from the enemy. When the words "investigation" at the top of the screen disappear, follow the enemy and hold down the left mouse button. So you neutralize it.

Go to the wall to the left, shoot a winch in the bars and break it. Get outside and go up the red pillar. Jump up the stairs to the right and select the top of the building. Hide behind the green pipe, press the W. You can navigate between the cover, press on D. Do this when the enemy turns away. Hide behind the last refuge wait when the enemy turns away. Then leave the shelter on the S key, run up close to the enemy and go down on the beam, on the front wall of the building, without touching the opponent. The third segment - "Shadow: Gold."

Run across the roof, move to the other side and the right side will see the sleeping enemy. He periodically looks at the other opponent. When he once again looks and turns away quickly sneak up and steal documents from Sony on additional task (1/3).

Go down the tram. Run to the right side of it and get down. Soon the tram will stop.

Go through the checkpoint building

Climb to the roof and go right. The fourth segment - "Shadow: Gold."

To the right is the enemy who is constantly looking at the screen. Stand near the post and select the whistle by pressing the "1". Hold the F key, and then move the mouse to enlarge the circle. Make it so that in the circle and was a soldier on top. Then click on G to whistle. So you distract the enemy. Quickly go down to the ledges, run to the other and climb into the building through the window, which is looked at an abstract enemy. Steal smoke grenades by sleeping soldier.

Go down through the other window, jump to the right, up the stairs at. Climb up and see the enemy. It is time to apply the smoke grenade. Throw a grenade up, quickly go up and jump to the right. The fifth segment - "Shadow: Gold."

To get to the other side of the bridge

Follow the instructions on the roof of the building into the screen, drop down and go away for boats to the bridge. Climb a little higher and stop. Let the soldiers come out of the room. When the soldiers that will patrol over you will go to the right, go up and follow him quickly. Climb the stairs above. Walk to the edge and tighten the platform to your with the help of winches. Just jump on it. On the other side, go right and you will see two enemies who look up and down. When the enemy will turn the head down, go down and go left. There are three opponents, which you have done. But at the extreme left of them have documents on the additional task. When the far right enemy looks to the right and turns away, then run up to him and go down the ledges below the bridge. Under the bridge will be splinter of the Animus. Climb to the left and go up a little higher. Do not climb on the bridge itself! It is necessary to keep the tabs in the left part. Wait, when a soldier with the documents (and you can see him by using the map) go left and is almost upon you. He looks down, but do not notice you because you are to the left. As soon as he don’t looks down and begins to go right, climb, run up close to him squatting and start steal (hold C). Assassin will automatically follow. Then, turn around and wait for the enemy to the left stop to look in your direction. Immediately after that, run back to the slope under the bridge and return to the right.

Go to the enemy, he looks up and down. When he looks down, then climb up to the top. Wait. When the far enemy looks down, then you jump with a running start to him. Throw a smoke and run past. Climb up to the train. So you get the "Shadow: Gold." Even now, if you did everything on the walkthrough, you will raise the level of health. Drive by tram to the right and select the top of the building.

Eliminate the soldiers on the roof

Go to the red box, and then click in C, to aim. Zoom in sight, hold the key F. Shoot on key G to kill four enemies, and then more two. The first of them look out of hiding left the enemy. Go right, go to the roof, and you can search the dead enemies. There will be a fragment of the Animus.

Go right and learn about mine. Go down by using the red column. Hide behind the right green cover. When the enemy will pass it in the direction of the mines, then select and sneak behind him. Because this enemy has a magnetic card, the mine did not explode. By the way, you can steal the card. When you move the enemy, then immediately go up to the red column to the right of mine. Jump to the right. You again get the rank of "The Shadow: Gold" for the sixth segment.

Clean the way to the house of Ipatiev

There are two conversing enemy to the right. Sneak to the left and steal his documents (3/3). There is also a splinter on the right. But we do not write about them, decide for you, take them or not take. Climb up to the balcony and the overrun on the other side of the beam. In the end, you will find yourself at the final home.

Stand on the firing position, and shoot the lights to the right of the two enemies on the roof. Overrun by the beam on the roof, because now you will not notice the enemies. There is a staircase down on the right. Below you can see the mines. To the left of mine have two enemies which patrol the building by different routes. When near the enemy will go to the right and then go down to the ground, go to the left and hide in a niche. Wait. You must wait until the enemy comes near to a niche and will go right. Far enemy must first enter into the building, a few seconds to go out and just come to the niche. When he starts to go to the left, then sneak behind him and steal the magnetic key. Quickly run back into the niche. Hide in it, move to the far right.

When the enemy will come to the right niche, exit it and go right. Climb the stairs to the nearest window. You will find yourself in a small room with a telephone. Wait, when the enemy will approach from below under the window. Then, when he had just left starts to leave, call to distract the enemy in the next room. Get out through the window, run to the right and go up the stairs between the two mines. There is the enemy on the bottom right. He looks down, then up. When he will turn head down (only lowers!!!), then jump through the column to the right on the wall. Climb to the right and climb through the window into the building. It must be done before the enemy will hang up the phone and will come to the window to look down. If you do not have time, then go back to the phone and call again. Anyway, in the last window you will remain out on the balcony.

The account for the level is 3400.

Thus, you will open both improve.

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