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Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Events Assassin's Creed Syndicate transfer the player to London in the middle of the XIX century. It is 1868, the industrial revolution has already come - a time of high-profile discoveries.

A Spanner in the Works

Melting Ferris, Croydon, 1868.

One of the heroes of the game jumps on a train and go to the mission objectives. We are talking about Jacob Fry. You should find an industrial magnate Rupert Ferris and kill him. First task is to reach the Rupert Ferris. When control returns to you, then you will see a marker indicating the desired direction of movement, as well as the number of meters, which remains the goal. Follow to that place.

Once at the gate, they are closed. You will need to destroy the machine.

Go to the place indicated on the map that nearby. Locate and turn the three mentioned valve. Production is stopped! Now you have to deal with the bandits. Jump to the top of one of the enemy and kill him. Move forward and fight with three other opponents. Use the arrow keys (buttons) attacks, as well as engage the enemy, when there are appropriate tips. Be sure to search the body for the presence of money and other valuables - do so every time after the battle.

Walk up to the door marked, get the purpose of the mission on the screen and reach it. Go can be different routes. Jump down from a high crane and check the function of the "detected". This segment of the game can be overcome in three ways:

  • Ran past everyone.
  • Hide from the enemy on the roofs, behind walls and other objects.
  • Immediately with all opponents.

Actively use the capacity of the eagle to detect enemy targets and mark them.

When will be said about the place marker, then climb up. Through the door access to the adjacent parts of the factory and learn more about the "secrecy". Somewhere nearby is the next opponent. Go follow, mark enemies and go past them in stealth mode. Or, you can deal with all those who are stopping you.

Be sure to inspect and scour all of the chests that are found in its path.

Reach the mark, the map is updated. You will need to follow to the next marker. Find a work shop and view a video in which you will be Rupert Ferris. So, now you need to kill Rupert. Come directly to the goal you can not, because the range of locations scattered bandits. You have to get past them without raising the alarm and without attracting attention or to kill anyone who stood in the way.

It is best to climb to the top of the pipe and move it to the room in which the Rupert. Around him jump off the roof and go to the nearest door. Kill standing in front of the enemy. Move on, go down the stairs and get into the other part of the working shop. You are on the balcony. From here you can see the place where the Rupert. You get to this building and see two points to pass. Decide where you will go. Either way, your hero finds Rupert. Kill him and view the screen saver.

Now you have to escape from enemies. This can be done by train. Follow the marker for that nearby. Jump on a train and deal with two opponents. Twice more on the way you will see bandits. Kill them. It is easy. After the murder of the third pair of enemies will start the video.

When you return to the control, you will see a new task, according to which the main character of the game is to get to a safe place. Peel down and run away from here. In time jump and use other elements of parkour. The first chapter is compete.

Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Syndicate. A Simple Plan

The Old Man and Co., London, 1868.

Get familiar with the bandit, who guards the train. Pre-need to droop, to distract the enemy. Be sure to use the whistle in the confrontation with other opponents. It is a powerful "tool" distraction.

Now you have to unhook the train cars. Go forward on the train, throw the knife into the back of another enemy. Destroy the enemy and the third, which later will be on your way. Climb to the top of the car, go ahead and kill the two enemies. Keep go until you see the two opponents standing on the roof. Sneak up and defeat them.

At a time when up to your goal remains the order of 50 meters, that somewhere there must be a car, inside which there is a thug guarding the chest. Be sure to jump in the car to find a chest.

Before the marker on the map left quite a bit. Now you easily get to the point where you need to unhook the train cars. Do this and watch the cutscene.

In the next area you should get to a point of view. Enemies went in search unhooked cars, so the path is practically safe. Move to the marker, kill opponents or making his way past them unnoticed, get the rope and climb up higher. Find the marker and see a video.

Now you should familiarize yourself with a new feature called "Be Assassin." Your next goal - the laboratory. There are additional tasks for the performance you get bonus points. According to this purpose, you need to kill five bandits, use hanging barrels. To act in several ways. You can lure enemies to those places over which hangs the barrel, or pick up and throw the barrel to where the bandits. Use a knife to cut the rope holding the barrel. At the end of the game for the fulfillment of this mission, you will get a reward.

Follow the new marker, kill opponents or go quietly past them. When pick up closer to the train, follow the underpass beneath it. Can kill, and you go quietly past a sleeping enemy. Immediately prior to this bandit is a turn to the right, where you have to go. Turn left and go forward where there are steps.

If you go through the underpass straight forward, all the way, where turn left, then somewhere along the sides can find another chest with useful items.

Inside the building overhear the conversation of people standing up. So, now you need to talk with the prisoner. Get to the top of the marker, take away from the path of the bandits. Some captive you will find two more enemies, which will need to neutralize. After their death, the video starts.

Talk to the prisoner to find out where the lab's locked. First of all, you need to find the key. Climb to the roof of the building immediately after the conversation with the hostage. From here you can explore the area, and with less difficulty to get to the next marker on the map. When you are so the building itself, the information will be updated on the radar. Use eagle vision inside the building to find the target with the key in his pocket. Gold (yellow) color marked the goals that are linked to the plot (or have a quest item). Get closer to the goal and steal the key. You can kill the enemy.

Be sure to find another chest in the building where the enemy is key. Start his quest to climb up. So you can increase the radius of the review.

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