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Walkthrough 10

Walkthrough Atom RPG (Full Version 1.0)

Create a character and you will find yourself in the first location. After a while, the main character is robbed. Take an army flask from stump. Go beyond the fence and search the crates. One of them will be locked. Cross the bridge. You will be at the new location after the video.


Go to the man at the gate and chat with him. His name is Jan. Talk to him and you will learn that expedition of General Morozov went in the direction of the bunker 317. You will have to look for him.

Also you need get him a bottle of cold beer. Earn some money or collect loot and go to the bartender and exchange the loot / rubles for a bottle of self-made beer (it costs 14 rubles). Give him a bottle to complete the quest. You will get 32 experience points and 3 rubles.

Follow the territory of the village. Enter the building on the left. You learn about the store. Now you have not money and loot. There are the general and his elderly guard in the building to the right. He is a Head of Otradnoe. Search bookcases to find a book with "Blatant slang" in one of them. Right-click on it, then select the icon “Use”. You unlock the skill "Criminal slang".

Go ahead and talk to the bartender in the tavern. He will ask for a service - bring a book from a merchant from Krasnoznamenny.

There are two huts near the bar: the old woman lives in one, the grandfather lives in the other. Chat with grandfather. He will ask to collect a crop of corn. Walk behind his house and collect five bushes of corn. There you can find a shovel.

You can attack opponents using it (you need to equip) and dig graves on the side of Otradnoe. You can find the soap, wires, money, rusty knife or glass bottles do in the graves. Go back to grandfather and give him the harvest. Ask to look for something as a reward. He will find a hunting rifle. You will also get 32 ​​experience points as a reward.

You can meet the local home-makers in the large building on the left. He will ask to repair the pump of the water tower. Otradnoe were left without water. The mechanic disappeared somewhere. Agree to help. You can play dice with a bald man nearby. Go to the engine (located in the territory of Otradnoe, next to the water tower), move the cursor, hold down the LMB and select the action “Repair”. If it didn't work out, so you have to try again. Focus on the magazine in the lower left corner of the screen. You will get 105 experience points. Talk to the home-makers and ask for a reward. Also you get 50 rubles.

There are two types of enemies around Otradnoe: the mutant spiders, wasps and rats.

Return to the waitress named Katya from the tavern and talk to the girl. If you have communicated with the bartender before, you can say that he sent you to her. Talk and agree to taste the drink. As a reward, you will receive 32 experience points, +1 damage due to hunger, and 23 poison damage points. Talk to Katya again. You need to find five mushrooms - red mushrooms with white dots at the location around Otradnoe. Of course, you have to fight with monsters. Outside the city you can find a lonely house (not far from the entrance) and a man by the fire. You can play dice with him. And you can cook meal on the camp-fire.

Go in search of mushrooms:

  1. You will find the first on the left-down from the entrance to the city where Jan stands. Not far from the poisoned cloud.
  2. Move up the perimeter of the location and in its middle. You will find the second mushroom at the left edge.
  3. Outside of Otradnoe, there are large stones in the upper left, on the corner. Near them grows another mushroom.
  4. A fourth mushroom grows in the upper right corner, behind the large stones.
  5. Go down along the right edge of the location and you will find the fifth mushroom near the log.

Go back to Katya, give her the mushrooms and get 52 experience points. Ask Katya about Head of Otradnoe and get another 52 experience points. Also she gives a note with recommendations for Comrade Kovalev.

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