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Walkthrough ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Walkthrough ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

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At the beginning of the game, you can distribute skill points and characteristics. Robbers will rob you, and you will wake up in the morning by the fire. Take the flask and head towards the building. Pay attention to the box near the firewood. Pick up the spoon that lies next to it. Go out and look at the map with the green area. Go to another location.

You will see a patrolman named Jan. Talk to him. Then go and talk to the residents.



The village of Otradnoye

Harvest the corn Talk to an old man who has a garden behind the house. You need to harvest corn. Take the shovel and click on the corn. Next, go back to the old man. He will reward you with a hunting rifle and a shovel.

Abandoned house

There is a house near the tower. There is a man in a tie. Take the job. Then go to the engine. Click LMB and hold the button. A menu is appeared. Move the cursor to the repair tab on the right. Repeat this several times. Follow the repair process; you can use the window (bottom left). Then click LMB to start engine. Return to the man in the tie and take the reward (+105 experiences).

Next, you need to collect money for weapons. Examine the location, you can use the map. There is an abandoned house in the corner of this location.

Go there. Find the bed and click on it. A secret passage is opened to the basement. Go there and take things from the shelves. There are 5 condoms on the table, take them. Also in the basement is a safe, but it is not yet possible to crack it.

Go to the location along the border. A man is sitting by the fire. Nearby there is a trailer in which you can take canned food and cook it at the stake.

A trailer with food

You can search houses in villages, and take items and things. Be careful that no one sees you. Then go to the merchant and sell it. Now you have enough money to buy a knife.

A bottle of vodka for fisherman

A fisher place

You will find a fisherman at the corner of the location.


He needs a bottle of vodka. Go to the merchant and buy. If you do not have money, then there is a stash on the location. Go there. Take the knife.

There is a cemetery behind the village, use a shovel to grave, and take away things that can be sold.


We give the vodka to the fisherman. He will tell you what bait to use for catching fish. You will discover a new ability for Entomologist. Now you can pick up the brains of dead spiders, paws of dead wasps. There is another stash near the fish place.

Collect 5 fly agaric for Katya from the Dining Room

Talk to Katya, she needs mushrooms. Mushrooms are located throughout the location. Gather it and take it to her. She will give you a note for Kovalev. You will get 52 points of experience and an opportunity to get a job.


Find the informer for the chairman

There is a building to the right of the dining room. Take the mission from Kovalev. He will tell who he suspects. The informer is in the house where the man is sitting in a tie. His name is to Grishka and he's bald. Talk to him. Be careful and do not blurt out too much, otherwise the informer will run away, and the task will fail. Talk to him, then come back and have a talk with Kovalev. He will ask you to take the informer to an abandoned house. Kill him and go to Kovalev. You will get 500 rubles.

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