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Walkthrough Attractio

Level 1. Dalek

After a long introductory movie you move along the corridor. Jump up the ledges, using the key Space, and go through the two doors in front. Next you need to duck using CTRL. After you need activate the panel in red, came to it and press the button E. Go through the door, up the stairs.

Pick a hint in the air right. Learn it. Go to the cube and click the right mouse button. Hold it to carry the cube itself. Place a cube on the second step, and then use it to jump to the top. Before the door on the floor has a green button. you have to put the same cube on the button. Go through the door.

You see the energy field of green. Cubes can not pass through such a field, but your character can. Drop down and click on the panel in the corner. The energy field will disappear, and the cube will fall down. With it go up. Put the cube to the next field. Now with it, you must jump over the pit, and go through the door.

Take the red cube throw over to the other side and set on the green button on the wall. Gravity allows the cube held in the air. Go through the next door. See the download. Press the Esc, if you want to skip the video.

Level 2. Mia

Go through the two doors come down. Take gravity boots with lug. Now you can change the polarity by turning the floor to the ceiling and vice versa. Change the polarity, and then click on the blue control key (E). Go through the door.

Follow the new room, which will be the lava. See, there is the blue button at the top. If you get up on it, the energy field of the front doors away. For this energy field is a green button, which opens the door. To get started, go ahead, change the polarity, until you find yourself at the next door. Now take away the red cube on the wall and go back. Reverse the polarity so as to stand on the blue button. The energy field in front disappears. Throw in the hands of the cube in the direction of the green button. He will fly so far, and the front door will now be open. Go into the next room.

On the side there is a red ledge. Stand up against the wall and change the polarity to fall onto the ledge. Now jump on the blocks to the bottom and click on the blue panel. Stand up against the wall and change the polarity. By blocks jump to the bottom and take the red cube. Reverse the polarity and go down to the cube of the blue panel. On the wall get the green button. Jumping push the cube in her direction. If you will get, will pass it on. The level is passed!

Level 3. Dalek

Go ahead, get down and crawl under the laser. You have two cubes. Fall in blue water impossible. Put cubes of the wall to the right at each other. And they can put on edge. If the cube a little bit touches the surface, it will be sustainable. Jump up and go through the door. But! The door is locked by three laser beams. Pick up for a cube and place it so to block the lower beam. Crawl through the door. Go forward through the next door.

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