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Walkthrough Batman: Arkham Knight

Part 1

We fly to the bridge and cling hook for one of the statues. We run directly on one of the projections of the bridge, cling to the iron circular antenna, there again cling the hook and fly onto the roof of a nearby building, located on the right. On the roof of a huge spotlight is Gordon, and with whom we have to meet. We listen to his dialogue with Batman few minutes.

Then the main character disappears from view Gordon and communicates with Oracle. After their brief conversation we have a mission: "To save a missing police officer."

Fly from the point where you just were, fly in the direction of the big screen, cling the hook and cling to the iron girder bridge. It is run on it, and we cross again with the help of a hook on the roof of a tall building with a toothed antenna on the roof. Then we move directly: fly, cling glowing circular roof fly again, pass several buildings and down to earth.

At the large roundabout with a statue in the center to engage in battle with the minions Scarecrow, fight with them and hear the voice of a police officer. After a few seconds on Batman drive machine, he picks up the police and transfers it to the roof. After a short dialogue on the screen read: "Take a look at the next section of road to call for backup." Look down at the place where you just fight with the gang and see a glowing circle with logo Batman. We flew down and see batmobile.

We get the notification about prize in the left corner of the screen. We drive batmobile and go forward on the road. After a few moments we get the job, "to interrogate the driver of the military vehicle for information about a Scarecrow." Do you see car marked orange circle?. Choose the right moment to apply the "missile launch."

Then we get the job "to interrogate a fighter." Exit the batmobile and go next to the machine soldier. Next comes the interrogation, in which Batman takes away fighter weapons and conducting chemical analysis. And pay attention to the recognition of a fighter that Scarecrow is in Chinatown. Batman is associated with Oracle, he gives data and requests to verify the analysis. After the dialogue we obtain a new job: "Investigate shelter of Scarecrow."

Part 2

We sit in the batmobile and move down the road. At one of the intersections under the bridge exit the Batmobile and see that we arrived in Chinatown. We look up and see a few tips on where you can hook. By following these tips, step by step climb to the roof of a building in the Chinese style. We come to the edge and see the inscription: "To strike at the window in the planning." We see at the bottom of a glass roof, jump on it and break ourselves in the room.

Immediately begin to fight with opponents, use different methods of warfare. Then we see Poison Ivy - she is hostage by the fighters. Behind her is a large screen from which said the Scarecrow. Poison Ivy is free and she talks on a conversation with Batman. Batman comes out of the building with Poison Ivy and then they are surrounded by the military.

Here you need to choose a weapon from the menu. It is best to stay on the remote control Batmobile, as the car yourself (but with our management) would deal with the crowd and the tank. After all are destroyed, Batmobile drive into a glowing rectangle next to Batman and Poison Ivy. The villain is inside the Batmobile and after a short dialogue with Oracle, Batman jumps into the car.

We have a new task: "Run system diagnostics energy weapons combat mode." We go straight on the road by the Batmobile, we drive to the junction with the green logo and see the upper-right corner: "Education. Diagnosis energoorudiya. Incomplete. " It begins training and we have the task of incremental Batcomputer. Training lasts about five minutes and we can not say that it is easy. Although agility Batmobile, to react and shoot accurately does not always work. After completing all tasks, we see the right inscription: "Education. Diagnosis energoorudiya. Completed. "

After that, we inform that we have the ability to point and then the screen you see information about the Ueyntek. After reading the information on the screen look at all the available techniques and improvements and then return to the game. As soon as we receive a new task: "To destroy a group of unmanned tanks occupied Panessa Studios." Drive straight on the road, we pass a banner Gotham Gas, at the fork turn left under the bridge, then turn right at the next fork will not turn off - go straight, turn slightly to the left and stopped under a bridge.

There will be tanks, which can be obtained skills test - use a gun and rockets. After that, we get a job, "Deliver Ivy in a punishment cell of the police department." Pay attention to the inscription in the lower left corner of the "tests detected the." Look, what is behind this point, we study all the proposed information. We turn off the "Help" and go to the Batmobile in the direction where is the banner.

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