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Walkthrough Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 2: “Children of Arkham”

Walkthrough Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 2: "Children of Arkham"

Full and details the walkthrough of the second episode of the adventure Batman: The Telltale Series titled "Children of Arkham": all key decisions and necessary actions to complete the story.

In Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 2: "Children of Arkham" old friend becomes the new enemy, when Bruce learns more about the family legacy of Wayne and Batman takes the fight against corruption and crime of Gotham to a new level.

Crime Alley, 5:38

Bruce will be in the place where they killed his parents. There will be a dialog. Choose any phrase in the first three cases. On the fourth of your answer will depend what it remembers Alfred:

I need time. Alfred will remember.

You let me down. Alfred will remember.

We are still a family. Alfred does not forget.

Select one more phrase and job will appear.


Goal. Search the mall to remember the past.

You will manage Bruce. It is necessary to examine the scene of the crime to try to find the lose items. Take a look at the wall in the background, where sign "Alley" is. Click and select one of the answers. Next, go to the side of the car, but click on the wall to the left side where the graffiti two crossed revolvers are. Choose another option of conversational threads.

Click on the "hot" point on the theater building in front to view the next memory. Finally, go forward to see all the events of the tragic night and learn the terrible truth.

The police of Gotham City, 8:56

Bruce arrives in Gotham City police station together with Harvey Dent to talk with Carmine Falcone. Choose the phrase carefully as Harvey Dent remembers your answer:

You owe me. Harvey will remember.

Nobody needs to know about it. Harvey will remember.

I appreciate it. Harvey will remember.

Choose any answer in the next time, and then there is another phrase that Harvey will remember:

I'm going to tell you, Harvey. Harvey will remember.

It was dirt on Falcone. Harvey will remember.

It is nonsense. Harvey will remember.

Talk to the lieutenant, and then find yourself in the House of Falcone. Start dialogue. After phrases about close friendship with Tommy Wayne, select:

Now I can to avenge the death of my father. Falcone will remember.

Tell me what you know. Falcone is noticed.

You had sent Joe Chill to kill him. Falcone will remember.


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